What NOT to say to someone with an eating disorder

Earlier this year, YouTuber Eugenia Cooney took a social media break and sought help for her eating disorder. I was so relieved, and other’s were too. A picture was posted on Instagram of her new haircut, and Twitter exploded. The picture was shared everywhere as well as before & after comparisons, and comments about how… Continue reading What NOT to say to someone with an eating disorder

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Eating Disorder Attacks

I don’t know if anyone has ever described something like this before, a lot of people with eating disorders talk about their “eating disorder voice” telling them what they can/can’t eat. I experience that too, but I would describe this as an eating disorder attack. Warning: Eating Disorders will be discussed in this post, if… Continue reading Eating Disorder Attacks

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Surviving Christmas with an Eating Disorder

Christmas is supposed to be the happiest time of the year and the abundance of food everywhere actually verges on gluttony, but for anyone suffering from an eating disorder it’s a time of high stress. In fact, holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving (if you celebrate that), and Easter are actually scary and are something someone with… Continue reading Surviving Christmas with an Eating Disorder

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How I mind my mental health

We know how to physically take care of ourselves, but the conversation surrounding our mental wellbeing and self-care is lacking. Here’s how I mind my mental health: Warning: This post discusses depression, anxiety, and self-harm, if those topics trigger you, you might want to click off this post.  Eat well & stay active: As I… Continue reading How I mind my mental health