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Please use the form below to send in questions, requests or business inquiries for but for the sake of not wasting my time or yours, read the points below before you do.

Please read below in full before you send me an enquiry:

I am not taking any unsolicited full book review requests, unless we have prior agreements or worked together on reviews in the past. I am moving towards round-up posts and lists like best zombie books, vampire books, books about magic, Disney books etc. If your book fits into the theme of an existing post or you want to chat about adding it to an upcoming book list it may fit into (eg: books about feminism, green books, pirate books, etc) then feel free to get in touch.

No, I don’t want to use your AI or link building program. It wouldn’t be *my* blog if I didn’t write the content. I’m happy with my blog the way it is, thank you.

I always disclose sponsored posts. Do not approach me with a request for a sponsored post and then ask me not to disclose it or be transparent. Not only is that illegal but morally wrong. I want my readers to trust me, I only work with brands I trust and who fit in well with my niches. I will always disclose affiliate links and gifted products.

On the point of sponsored posts; I am strongly against diet culture so “skinny” teas, waist trainers, etc are not welcome here. I’m also vegan and a very eco-conscious person so if your brand is neither of those things, then I am not the blogger for you. Bear in mind that food and health content will typically appear on my other blog instead so that may be a better fit for content about veganism or food products – but again, no diet products.

I typically blog about: my bucket list & travel, books, movies, pop culture, eco-friendly living, mental health, and everything that goes bump in the night on thisdreamsalive. Anything way off those topics is more than likely a no-go here.

No, I will not join your pyramid scheme.

Don’t expect a reply from me if it’s clear you didn’t read this first.

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