profoI’m Aisling (pronounced Ash-ling), and welcome to my little corner of the interent. thisdreamsalive is a place for the wonderfuly whimsical.

This blog hopes to Save the World, One Blog Post at a time, from blogs about how you can live a greener more sustainable life, to fun bucket lists to give you something to look forward to, as well as books and films to get lost in.

I make videos, music, and you can find me on Shirley’s Book Blogger List.

Keep an eye out for my wellness, anti-diet culture, recovery, and vegan site Prickly Pineapples.

Keep up with my soicals on; Twitter, and on Pinterest. 

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thisdreamsalive was a finalist for the Blog Awards Ireland 2018, and the Smedias 2019.

Note: All written work, and some images, are my own intellectual and creative property and shall not be re-posted elsewhere or used without my permission. Opinions are my own, are not stated as fact, and do not represent any affiliate groups or organizations.

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