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Is Captain Jack’s In Disneyland Paris Worth It?

I’ve mentioned countless times here that Pirates of the Caribbean is one of my favourite film franchises. So, naturally, there was no way I was going to Disneyland Paris without making a reservation. With reservations difficult to secure, and a pricey menu, you might be wondering, is Captain Jack’s worth it? I’ll answer it all in my Captain Jack’s review.

What Is Captain Jack’s?

waiting area in captain jacks disneyland

Captain Jack’s – Restaurant des Pirates is a Pirates of the Caribbean themed restaurant in Disneyland Paris. It was originally The Blue Lagoon but was rethemed in 2017. It’s beside the Le Coffre du Capitaine gift shop that you exit the ride through.

The restaurant serves Caribbean-inspired cuisine. One of the highlights is that the restaurant is part of the ride.

How To Book Captain Jack’s

captain jacks disneyland paris

Most of the restaurants in Disneyland Paris are quick service, meaning you don’t need a reservation. The exceptions are Captain Jack’s, Walt’s, Plaza Gardens Restaurant, character dining, and Bistrot Chez Rémy (which is in the Studios, not the main park).

You need to make reservations on the Disneyland Paris app (or website) – but, you can only book it around two months before your stay. Those staying in official Disney Hotels can book sooner. You pretty much need to book it immediately when the time comes because the slots go quickly. Although you don’t need to have or show park tickets when booking through the app, it should go without saying, that you need them to enter the park to get to the restaurant.

Captain Jack’s and the other table service restaurants may allow walk-ins if there’s a no-show, but don’t bank on it.

Captain Jack’s: Review

plantain curry
Plantain curry

Since I’m such a huge Pirates of the Caribbean fan, I mostly wanted to go to Captain Jack’s for the experience. The décor was amazing with lots of little details like lanterns, Jack’s flag, treasure chests, and even a reference to Angelica from On Stranger Tides. The waiting area is like a tavern, while the rest of the restaurant feels like you’re in a tropical cove.

We arrived on time for our booking, but it still took some time for us to be seated. It didn’t bother us, but it’s something to keep in mind. Plus, the staff were super nice.

One of the best things about the restaurant is that it doesn’t feel overwhelming, like the quick-service ones, despite how busy it is. That’s because it’s split into three floors so you feel like you have space. You’re free to look around at the other areas and take photos, but try not to bother other guests.

The Food

quinoa salad

There is one vegan-friendly starter, main, and dessert. I’m not sure if they have gluten-free options. So, if you’re celiac or have allergies, flag it before ordering.

I ordered the quinoa salad and the plantain curry. While my boyfriend got the fish soup and mahi-mahi fish steak. The restaurant is pretty dark, so it’s hard to see what you’re eating. It reminded me of what Hollister stores used to be like – so please excuse the low-quality images.

I liked the quinoa but I wouldn’t say it was amazing or the best I’ve ever had as it wasn’t very flavorful. The plantains in my curry were delicious, but I didn’t love the rest of it. There was far too many textures, and I prefer curry with a little spice.

To be fair, I am a picky eater so I think it’s more of a reflection on me than the restaurant. Be warned, that the curry doesn’t come with rice (although the mahi-mahi does.) So, it wasn’t the most filling meal – but we at least got complimentary bread rolls.

My boyfriend enjoyed his food more than I did, but he also didn’t think it was spectacular.

The best part of the meal was a shortcake topped with pineapple for dessert. All the fruit we had in Paris was perfectly sweet, but I think that’s just because it has a better climate for it than Ireland.

The Drinks

pina colada in a coconut cup - as part of blog post answering is captain jacks worth it
Piña colada

The star of the show was the cocktails. I got a virgin piña colada while my boyfriend got a mojito.

There were probably the best cocktails we’ve had in our entire lives. The pineapple was sweet without being bitter, and I loved that my drink came in a coconut-shaped glass. The mojito was also perfectly balanced.

Is Captain Jack’s Worth It?

a wanted post of captain jack sparrow next to a black pirate flag with a skill on it and a sign that reads  "proprietor captain jack sparrow" with Angelica Teach's name crossed out

Overall, I had a great time at Captain Jack’s. We didn’t feel rushed by the staff and the décor was beautiful.

With that said, the food doesn’t meet the price point. It wasn’t bad. Given how much more expensive it was compared to other restaurants, a lot of guests would expect better (which you may have noticed in other Captain Jack’s reviews). Still, I think the atmosphere and cocktails were worth it.

I would go there if you want a fun experience, not if you’re looking for a fancy meal. I enjoyed it so much because it was a bucket list thing for me. My inner child was so happy. We decided that if we go again, we’ll just get a cocktail and starter, instead of a whole meal.

Honestly, it wasn’t even the best meal we had in Disneyland. The plant-based burgers in Café Hyperion were much better, more filling, and cheaper. One thing I will say about DLP is that it’s not known for being the resort for foodies. The food isn’t terrible, but if you have high standards because it’s in France, you’ll be disappointed. So, that’s why I already didn’t have huge expectations for the food at Captain Jack’s to begin with. I had an amazing time, but whether you think Captain Jack’s is worth it is based on whether you value experience or food more.

While you’re in Disneyland Paris, I’d also recommend the pineapple whip in Café de la Brousse (which is the DLP equivalent of dole whip) and the churros at Casa de Coco.

a pirate flag and palm trees in captain jacks restaurant - as part of blog post answering is captain jacks worth it

Have you ever been to Captain Jack’s? If so, what did you think? Check out my Disneyland Paris Halloween experience.

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