Galentine’s Day Gift Guide: 8 Presents That Say ‘I Love You Platonically’

If you’re single on Valentine’s Day – or you just want to show your friends how much you love them – then Galentine’s Day is the best alternative. It’s celebrated the day before Valentine’s Day – and was coined by Leslie Knope (who is an icon) on Parks and Recreation. This Galentine’s Day gift guide will help you find something to tell your gal pals that you love them too.

Your friendship should be enough of a gift, but sometimes it’s nice to treat the people you love to something – no matter how small. So, these Galentine’s Day gift ideas are not too extravagant.

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Galentine’s Day Gift Ideas

1. Matching Jewellery

two lava stone bracelets next to two lava stone necklaces; one with a gold star charm, one with a gold leaf charm on a galentine's day gift guide list

Honestly, I wish friendship bracelets and necklaces weren’t just marketed toward kids. Nothing used to say friendship like matching jewellery, so this had to be the first present idea on this Galentine’s Day gift guide. You might not be able to track down a BBF necklace (or want one) in adult sizes from somewhere that’s not Claire’s, but you can still get matching jewellery.

Check out these different colored lava stone bracelets in green and purple or different charms (like a star and leaf) on a similar necklace.

2. Pizza & A Movie

a woman sitting on the couch while watching movie on her laptop with pizza - for a galentine's day gift guide
Photo by Ron Lach on Pexels.com

Granted, we don’t really rent movies anymore, but you can buy your friends pizza to share your appreciation for them. Or, you can watch the very episode of Parks and Recreation that spawned this holiday into existence.

3. A Bottle Of Wine

person drinking wine
Photo by Helena Lopes on Pexels.com

A bottle of wine, rosé, prosecco or whatever it is you and your friends drink is always a solid gift. Personally, I’m excited to see some non-alcoholic wines pop up in the grocery store.

4. A Skincare Set

skincare set with face mist, cleansing balm, lip balk, oil and a scrub on a galentine's day gift guide list

If you’re having a Galentine’s Day sleepover, then a skincare set (or a face mask) is the best thing to add to this Galentine’s Day gifts list.

5. A Travel Journal

pink travel journal with leaves.
[image not true to size]

If you and your friends like to go on trips together, then a travel journal is the perfect Galentine’s gift! You can document your precious memories to look back on for years to come.

Check out this travel journal.

6. Friendship Vouchers

a person writing on a piece of cardboard - as part of list on a galentine's day gift guide
Photo by Katya Wolf on Pexels.com

It would be completely unrealistic if this Galentine’s Day gift guide didn’t have at least one idea that was free. If you’re on a budget, you don’t need to buy actual vouchers with money. Instead, you can make coupons for other things. For example, “I owe you help with errands,” “I owe you a hug,” “I owe you a home-cooked meal,” etc. etc.

7. Celebrate Your Wins Journal

purple "Celebrate Your Wins" diary
[image not true to size]

Help your friends to see the best in themselves. A journal to document your wins is a great way to remind yourself (and loved ones) how wonderful they are. We tend to remember the bad more than the good, so it can help reinforce some positivity.

Or, they might prefer a manifestation journal instead.

8. Something From The Heart

photo of cookies on cooking tray
Photo by Polina Tankilevitch on Pexels.com

As I said earlier, you don’t actually need to buy anything for anyone on Galentine’s Day. If you’re an artist, you can make something. Maybe draw them a portrait? Or crochet them new clothes. Alternatively, baked goods win everyone over.

Happy Galentine’s Day! I hope you liked this Galentine’s Day Gift Guide.

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