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9 Wellness Habits To Adopt For A Fresh Start In The New Year

I’m not gonna lie, looking back at 2020 and 2021, I’m not gonna let myself get too optimistic for 2022. But, that doesn’t mean I’ve resigned myself to being miserable either. It’s been a difficult few years, but I’ve tried to make the most of it (without going outside too much). So, I decided to compile a list of wellness practices to take into the new year and beyond. These aren’t quite new year resolution ideas. Resolutions are often unsustainable so these are more like habits to start in the New Year, or promises to make to yourself so you can have a fresh start in the New Year.

How To Make A Fresh Start In The New Year

Let Yourself Rest

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The first of these healthy habits to take into the New Year is probably not one a whole lot of New Year’s Resolution Ideas lists, and that is to rest.

I’m horrible at letting myself rest. Every moment that’s not productive, I feel is a waste; which is absolutely not true. Human’s need rest. I’ve been rephrasing it in my mind by telling myself that rest is productive.

I’ve learned from experience that overworking myself, and taking on more than I can handle just means churning out crap. So, I’m much more efficient if I’m not taking on a ridiculous amount of projects all at once.

I’ve gotten into a habit over the years of overworking myself for weeks and months on end, and then having to rest for a long time because I’ve burnt out. Which, I’d imagine isn’t actually as productive as just working a moderate, sustainable amount consistently. So, it’s a pattern I hope to break.

As you can imagine I leave very little time for hobbies, then start spiralling wondering why I’m alive and what the meaning of life is anyway if it’s just work 24/7. So, it stops now. I know I’ll feel more refreshed so I can have my own fresh start in the New Year.

After a certain time, I turn off the computer and do something else.

Celebrate Your Wins

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Another thing I’m awful at is celebrating my wins.

We’re living through collective trauma, so honestly, if you just survived the past two years then that is an accomplishment in itself. Plus, we’re human beings, not robots. Our lives do not need to be commodified. If you’re just enjoying being alive, that’s a huge win.

But, for someone who is always working on something, I’m terrible at patting myself on the back. Nothing feels good enough for me. I used to dream of my blog getting even a fraction of the views it gets now, but now that’s I’m here, it’s still not good enough for me.

So – I promise to celebrate my wins more. Journaling seems like the best way to go because it leaves a paper trail. Since I’m not in college anymore, I don’t need a New Year journal, but I’ve been feeling lost without something.

Take The Trash Out (Metaphorically)

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One thing that will definitely leave you feeling like you have a fresh start in the New Year is taking the trash out of your life.

I’m very cutthroat about who I surround myself with. I’m not unreasonable, and I don’t have unrealistically high expectations for the people in my life. If there’s issues in a friendship, I will try to resolve them, but once it becomes clear that someone just doesn’t value or respect me (or is just a bad person), I leave.

What I do know, is that sometimes life sucks. Sometimes bad things happen that are out of our control so why, tolerate things you literally don’t have to and make it harder on yourself. If you have bad friends, a crappy relationship or a shit job you can afford to leave, then it’s time to think about cutting the chord.

Pick Back Up Old Habits

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This post is about wellness habits to take into the New Year, so I had to mention some of mine.

When I’m good, I’m great, But, when I fall down and pick myself back up, I’ve noticed I normally don’t re-establish the healthy habits I had before. Sometime’s it’s as simple as me no longer drinking green tea every morning (which I finally started doing – but now it’s matcha).

The thing I miss the most is dropping my journal jar, bucket list, and adventure book. If you’re new here; I used to put a little note in a jar every time I had a good day, and then open it on New Year’s Eve to remind myself that even if it was a difficult year, there was some good moments. It was definitely one of my favourite New Year traditions. My Adventure Book was basically a scrapbook/travel journal with highlights from my life. And, I used to regularly try to tick things off my bucket list, because it makes me feel like I’m progressing with my life.

I noticed I felt a lot happier overall when I was doing those things so it’s about time I get back on the wagon.

Save Coins

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Another thing I used to do that made me feel like I was making some sort of progress, was to save my change. I started when I was a teenager, so a few coins actually was a lot of money in those days. I would usually devote a fund to something I was excited about, like concerts. It’s nice to have something to look forward to.

Hopefully, this is the year I finally get to crack open my My Chemical Romance Reunion Tour Fund.

Keep Manifesting

One thing I didn’t actually stop doing was manifesting. I’ve been manifesting my whole life, before I even knew what it was. And, I would say it’s worked well for me. It could be a coincidence, but I started manifesting my job and my apartment a few weeks before I actually got them.

The thing with manifesting is it’s not like wishing on a star like a kid’s movie and then twiddling your thumbs until your dream magically comes true. You have to want it, and put that intention out into the universe – but, you need to work for it too. The logical side of manifesting is, that you’re more likely to spot opportunities for something if it’s on your mind. So, if you’ve never manifested before, this could be the year you manifest your own fresh start in the New Year.

Nurture Yourself

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Taking care of your mind, body, and soul is the perfect way to have a fresh start in the New Year.

Nutruring yourself ties in with the point above; when I’m going good, I’m amazing at taking care of myself. I make lots of meals and snacks from scratch, as well as facemasks and hair masks. I work out, and I end up feeling so full of energy.

A lot of New Year’s resolution ideas are about dieting, which personally, I think is setting yourself up for failure. Dieting rarely – if ever – actually takes your health into account, or suggests you do things that are healthy and actually sustainable. In all honesty, in 2014, my New Year’s Resolution was to “get healthy” and I’ve maintained it all these years later because it was just about eating better and getting active.

So, I just want to start doing those things again; focusing on eating well and being active to fuel and nurture myself so I can feel my very best.

Nurturing yourself includes treating yourself; chocolate is good for your soul.

If you’re doing Veganuary, check out my Veganuary Survival Guide and these eco-friendly New Years resolutions.

Reinvent Yourself

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There’s nothing wrong with how I’m physically presenting myself now, but I’ve been feeling like an outdated version of myself for quite some time. So, this point pretty much is the epitome of how to make a fresh start in the New Year.

Long story short: for *reasons* I donated all the nice clothes I used to wear around college after graduating. I was basically like a goth Elle Woods in those days. So, for the past two years, I’ve been wearing the band merch and plaid shirts left from my teenage years. Plus, the more “boho” bits in my wardrobe. Don’t get me wrong; I feel the most like my authentic self in band merch and skinny jeans, but, I’ve also been feeling like I need some sort of change. I love looking like some emo-hippy hybrid, but I want to feel fresh too.

I’m very hesitant to buy anything new for environmental reasons, but the main issue with clothing is overconsumption. Treating yourself to something you’ll cherish, take care of, and wear for a long time is fine. So, I’ve been trying to pinpoint exactly what I want to start incorporating into my wardrobe and then start picking up timeless statement pieces.

I’m thinking I’m gonna look like some ’70’s inspired emo-hippy hybrid.

Maybe this is the year I finally cut my hair off and get the tattoos and piercings I always wanted.

Make A Positive Space

black lava & obsidian volcanic potpourri in front of a salt lamp and vase of flowers

Another healthy wellness habit for the New Year is to establish a healthy “space” to exist in. Having a messy room really does leave me feeling frazzled. I also feel much more relaxed in an environment I like, so this means, making sure my apartment feels like my apartment. Aside from obviously keeping it clean, I know I’ll feel more settled when it feels like a home; so, lots of nice scents, decor, candles, and plants ought to do it.

Happy New Year! Are you adopting any new habits (or even New Year’s resolutions) to give yourself a fresh start in the New Year?

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