13 Christmas Horror Movies For An Unsettling Night In

Last year, I posted a list of alternative Christmas movies, which featured a lot of Christmas horror movies. This year, I’ve decided to create a Christmas watch list specifically for horror fans. Some of these movies may overlap with my previous post, but I’ve also added lots of new ones to the mix.

So grab some hot chocolate, cookies or whatever snacks you like, and enjoy these festive horror films.

13 Christmas Horror Movies

Christmas Evil

If you ever found the idea of Santa Claus pretty creepy, you’ll probably enjoy Christmas Evil.

The film follows a toymaker who dresses up as Santa and goes on a killing spree.

This movie came out in 1980 so keep in mind that topics of mental health are not dealt with in the most sensitive manner.

The Gingerdead Man

The Gingerdead Man is a horror-comedy about.. a ginger man seeking revenge.

A killer is sentenced to death after he murders a family (but leaves a girl and her mother alive). After he’s executed, his mother is given his ashes and reanimates her son by mixing the ashes with gingerbread. He decides to get payback on those who had him killed.

Black Christmas

The original Black Christmas came out in 1975 and it’s been remade a couple of times since then. The most recent iteration was in 2019.

My favourite version is the 2006 one. I will admit that this decision is largely blinded by nostalgia because it was one of the first films that got me into horror when I was 13 (which is definitely too young to be watching any of these movies, but I turned out alright!)

A man who has been trapped in an attack after witnessing his mother kill his father, escapes and murders his family on Christmas Eve. Years later his family home has been turned into a sorority house. He escapes prison and goes after the sorority house.

A Christmas Horror Story

A Christmas Horror Story has a lot going on. It’s been described an an anthology, which is a pretty good way to sum it up. It blends three stories which took place on Christmas Eve. So expect familiar faces and tropes like Krampus and a student documentary gone wrong.

Silent Night

SIlent Night is another Santa Claus slasher!

There are a few versions of this film. The original movie came out in 1984. The 2012 Silent Night version is the final film in the Silent Night, Deadly Night franchise and is loosely based on the original.


Treevenge is a short Christmas horror film. Keep in mind that this film is not meant to be taken seriously – so, if you’re cringing while watching, you’re not alone.

The title essential gives the plot away; Christmas trees seek revenge and defend themselves as they’re cut down every single year.


Gremlins is one the most well-known Christmas horror movies. Many people don’t actually find it scary, but it’s definitely creepy.

A boy is gifted a mogwai for Christmas by his father. The creatures are not meant to be exposed to water, light or be fed after midnight. The boy’s friend spills water on the creature which ends up creating five more gremlins.

I Trapped The Devil

I Trapped The Devil is about a man and his wife who visit his estranged brother for Christmas. They learn that the brother has trapped a man in the basemen who he believes to be the devil.

Jack Frost

Jack Frost the horror movie – not the 1998 family movie – is somewhat similar to The Gingerdead Man. A serial killer dies in a car crash but his body fuses with snow and he comes back to life as a murderous snowman.


Krampus is a Christmas horror film based on the legend of the same name.

A boy accidentally releases Krampus when he loses the spirit of Christmas. The monster goes on a rampage through the neighbourhood and the family need to band together to survive.

The Lodge

The Lodge is a festive spin on the cabin in the woods trope.

A family go on a retreat over the holidays. The father has to leave suddenly for work so he leaves his children with his new girlfriend, Grace. The group are trapped in the cabin during a blizzard and Grace’s past resurfaces to haunt them.

Rare Exports

Rare Exports is about a man and his friend who uncover Santa Claus’ grave. Meanwhile, a lot of reindeer in the ranch have been dropping dead.

The Children

Honestly, kids in horror movies are usually pretty creepy, even more so in Christmas horror movies. The Children plays on this notion when kids seem to get sick and then turn on their parents over the holidays.

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Happy Holidays! Have you seen any of these scary Christmas movies?

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