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10 Sustainable Stocking Stuffers: Eco-Friendly Stocking Filler Gift Guide

While I love Christmas, it’s not the greenest time of the year so I’ve been trying to think of ways to enjoy the season in a more eco-friendly way. My favourite part of Christmas morning has always been digging into my Christmas stocking and seeing what’s there (the best year ever was when my parents hid tickets to Disneyland, Paris in there). So, I’ve compiled a list of some eco-friendly sustainable stocking stuffers.

I’ve said before that the most eco-friendly thing to buy is nothing, but it’s Christmas. I’m not going to be a Grinch and say just don’t do Christmas. I love giving gifts and I don’t always feel comfortable buying someone something second hand as a present. So, of course, I buy things for my loved ones, I just try to be cautious about it.

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10 Sustainable Stocking Stuffers For Christmas

1. Essential Oils

winter essential oil bottle with a red label

After a difficult year, we could all do with some pampering – which essential oils are great for.

This Winter themed essential oil is a heavenly combination of orange, cinnamon clove and pine. If you want something more rustic, there’s also this Forest essential oil scented like siberian fir, cedarwood, and eucalyptis.

These oils are plastic-free, come in recyclable glass bottles, are cruelty-free & vegan and Boostology plant a tree with every purchase.

Pick it up here.

2. Scented Tea Lights

three tealights

I have a ridiculous amount of candles and candle holders, so I’d honestly be fine getting tea lights since I never bother to pick them up for myself. Plus, they’ll come in handy for roasting marshmallows later in the evening.

These tea lights are scented with essential oils. You can choose from the Relax blend which contains lavender and petitgrain or Recharge which is a blend of bergamot, lemon and pink grapefruit.

This eco-friendly stocking stuffer is handmade and plastic-free.

Pick them up here.

3. Sweet Treats

baked cookies in the shape of a heart for sustainable stocking fillers this christmas
Photo by Nikolett Emmert on

I loved getting chocolate coins in my Christmas stocking every year! So, I wanted to come up with some sustainable stocking fillers that fill the void – if you’re trying to cut down on waste and packaging. Sweets usually come in a horrifying amount of plastic and you can easily cut down on single-use plastic by making it yourself.

If you enjoy baking, why not make your loved ones some cookies and a hot chocolate bomb.

4. Plant Seeds

green potted plants on brown clay pots
Photo by Tara Winstead on

If your loved one has green fingers, they’ll appreciate some plant seeds or a plant-growing kit in their Christmas stocking. It’s the gift that keeps on giving because you can cherish plants for years to come. I’ve gifted seed kits to people before and been given them myself too.

I grew my cactus from a seed kit a few years ago. I have a lot of plants but I feel very emotionally attached to my cactus – even if I get nicked all the time – because I’ve had it from day one and grew it with my own too hands.

5. Lip Balm Kit

four lip balms on an eco-friendly stocking stuffers gift guide list for christmas

A lip balm kit is the perfect size for an eco-friendly stocking stuffer. It’s also a great winter gift because the cold often leaves me with chapped lips. That said, does anyone else find that facemasks are keeping their skin and lips from getting chapped this winter?

This kit comes in a tin – so there’s no plastic involved – and is organic & vegan-friendly.

Pick it up here.

6. Amythst Bracelet

a purple amethyst and lava stone bracelet on an eco-friendly stocking stuffers for christmas list

Bracelets are another Christmas gift perfectly sized to fit into a stocking. This gorgeous purple star bracelet is handmade and is derived from natural products. Plus, with every sale, one tree is planted. The lava rocks act as a diffuser so you can scent it with essential oil.

Pick it up here.

7. Gold Lava Diffuser Necklace

gold leaf and lava diffuser necklace for a small eco-friendly stocking stuffer christmas present

A necklace will also fit into a stocking! This 14k gold leaf lava diffuser necklace comes with a 2ml bottle of pure essential oil and an application wand.

This product is plastic-free, handmade from natural ingredients and one tree is planted with every purchase.

Pick it up here.

8. A Good Book

a blue poetry book called "from the brighter side of 25" on a coffee table

I loved getting a book for Christmas!

For something short and easy to read (and the perfect size to fit into your stocking), you might enjoy my poetry book; From The Brighter Side of 25. It’s a small collection of 33 poems documenting early years of adulthood. This book is a print-on-demand product, which means that one is printed per purchase. This means there is not warehouse somewhere full of unsold products; so, no energy or materials are wasted.

If you don’t like poetry, check out these Disney books, mental health books & vampire books instead.

9. A Journal

A woman holding a purple notebook reading "a reader lives a thousand lives."

I’ve gotten a lot of notebooks for Christmas over the years too! This journal is only 100-pages long and is small enough to fit in a stocking. It’s also a print on demand product so there’s no waste involved in the process making it a great conclusion to this list of eco-friendly stocking stuffers.

There are lots of other notebooks to choose from if you or your loved one plans to use them to document story ideas, reading logs, watch lists or to keep track of bucket lists and travel itineraries.

Pick it up this reading log notebook here.

10. A Gift Card

collect moments not things quote christmas voucher card
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Last but not least on this sustainable stocking stuffers gift guide for Christmas is a gift card. Some people hate getting vouchers for Christmas, but I’m a fan. It means that rather than unwanted gifts going to waste or being returned – which often means, the store throws it out if it’s not able to be resold – you’re loved one can buy something they really want. Whether it’s a voucher for their favourite store or a restaurant, you know they’re gonna treat themselves to something perfect.

xmas decorations on brick wall above fireplace on this list of eco-friendly stocking stuffers gift guide for christmas
Photo by Any Lane on

So there we have 10 sustainable stocking stuffers. What do you think of these eco-friendly stocking stuffers? What do you usually fill your stockings with? Happy holidays!

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