10 Best The Simpsons: Treehouse Of Horror Segments

One of the best things about Halloween for me has always been watching the new Treehouse of Horror episode of The Simpsons. So, rather than listing not-so-scary Halloween movies or general spooky TV specials like I’ve done in the past, I decided to rank my favourite Treehouse of Horror segments over the years. From classics to the parodies of movies and more. Here are the best Treehouse of Horror episodes ranked.

Grab yourself some festive treats, it’s time to get watching!

10 Best Treehouse of Horror Episodes List

1. The Raven

The Raven became one of the most iconic Treehouse of Horror segments so it would have been sinful to exclude it from this list. For a whole generation of kids, this was their first introduction to Edgar Allan Poe. In the episode Lisa tells The Raven, subbing in Bart for the bird and Homer for the narrator.

The Raven is in season 2, episode 3. Also in that Treehouse of Horror Episode are Bad Dream House which is a parody of Poltergeist and The Amityville Horror and Hungry are the Damned.

2. Reaper Madness

Reaper Madness actually terrified me when I was a kid! For a long time, I didn’t like sleeping with my forehead exposed in case I died. In this Treehouse of Horror segment, Homer kills the Grim Reaper to save Bart but then has to take on the job himself.

Reaper Madness is in episode 1, season 15. Also in this Treehouse of Horror episode is Frinkenstein and Stop the World, I Want to Goof Off which is a Twilight Zone parody.

3. Wiz Kids

I remember being so excited when the Wiz Kids episode of Treehouse of Horror came out. This is a Harry Potter parody where Bart and Lisa go to Springwart’s School of Magicry. Bart sabotages Lisa at the magic recital by helping out Montymort and Slithers.

Wiz Kids is in episode 1, season 13. Also in this Treehouse of Horror episode is Hex and the City and House of Whacks.

I always felt that Harry Potter was more of a Christmas-watch so putting this episode on the Treehouse of Horror list is is a good substitute.

4. It’s The Grand Pumpkin, Milhouse

It’s The Grand Pumpkin, Milhouse is The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror’s take on It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

After Bart makes up the Grand Pumpkin, Milhouse is determined that he’s real. Milhouse waits all night in the graveyard and cries when Lisa leaves to go to the school’s Halloween party. Milhouse’s child-like belief brings the pumpkin to life, but it vows revenge seeing that pumpkins are carved up and eaten for Halloween.

It’s The Grand Pumpkin, Milhouse is in episode 1, season 20. Also in this episode is Untitled Robot Parody and How to Get Ahead in Dead-Vertising.

5. The Island Of Dr. Hibbert

The Island of Dr. Hibbert is based on The Island of Dr. Moreau by H. G. Wells. The family visits The Island of Lost Souls which is ran by Dr. Hibbert. Marge starts to get suspicious and is captured by Dr. Hibbert and transformed into an animal.

Also in this Treehouse of Horror episode is The Fright to Creep and Scare Harms which is also one of the best episodes of Treehouse of Horror. Bart and Lisa bury their goldfish and Lisa is touched by the gravestone of William Bonny which said he dreamed of world without guns. Lisa goes on a gun control crusade but “Billy the Kid” Bonney and The Hole in the Ground gang rise from the dead.

This episode also features Send in the Clones. The Island of Dr. Hibbert is episode 1 of season 14.

6. Nightmare Cafeteria

With Springfield Elementary underfunded and detention over-crowded, Principal Skinner comes up with a solution and starts serving students for lunch. Bart, Lisa, and Milhouse try to save themselves from cannibalism.

This episode also features The Shinning and Time and Punishment. Nightmare Cafeteria is episode 6 of season 6.

7. Easy-Bake Coven

 In an old Sprynge-Fielde, the town is hunting down witches. Marge tries to put an end to the madness but gets accused herself. To save herself from her “trial” Marge saves herself and returns to Patty and Selma. The three witches fly back to the town to eat children but then the Flanders’ offer them candy children instead – and invent Halloween.

Easy Bake Coven features in episode 4 of season 9. This episode also features Fly vs. Fly and The HΩmega Man.

8. The Monkey’s Paw

Lisa has a nightmare that Homer buys a monkey’s paw in Morocco. The family starts making wishes on it with dire consequences.

The Monkey’s Paw is episode 7 of season 3 and was the second-ever episode of Treehouse of Horror. Also in this episode is The Bart Zone and If Only I Had a Brain.

9. Nightmare On Evergreen Terrace

Nightmare On Evergreen Terrace is based on Nightmare On Elm Street. Bart has a nightmare that Groundskeeper Willie tries to murder him. The kids in school realise that everyone is having similar nightmares and Martin dies in class. Bart, Lisa and Maggie figure out a way to save themselves from being killed in their sleep.

Nightmare On Evergreen Terrace is in episode 6 of season 7. Also in this episode are Attack of the 50 Foot Eyesores and Homer³.

10. Bart Simpson’s Dracula

The family are invited to Mr Burn’s mansion following reports of vampire killings. Lisa and Bart suspect Mr. Burns and then Bart is turned.

Bart Simpson’s Dracula is episode 5 of season 5. Also in this episode is The Devil and Homer Simpson and Terror at 5½ Feet.

Do you agree with how these Treehouse of Horror segments were ranked? What are your favourite episodes?

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