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10 Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day Gifts To Pamper Your Partner & The Planet

Valentines Day might be a day full of good intentions so you can tell your partner how much you love them but it has a huge impact on the environment. So, before you go out to buy chocolate hearts and a giant teddy bear, I want to take a moment to suggest some sustainable Valentines Gifts so you can tell your partner you love them without buying them crap that pretty likely to sit on a shelf or in landfill forever. So without further ado, here are some eco-friendly Valentine’s Day gifts to pamper your loved ones while staying green!

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Green Valentine’s Gifts

1. Something From The Heart

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It is the thought that counts, right? So, rather than buying something, why not make something!

If you know how to knit why not make a hat or scarf? If you’re an artist, write or paint something! Make a clay vase! Write a poem!

My boyfriend and I don’t even buy gift cards for special occasions, we always make them and they mean so much more than a generic slogan.

2. Plant Their Favourite Flowers

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You might have been thinking to yourself that a bouquet of flowers is a green Valentine’s Day Present and sadly, that’s not the case.

According to GlobeNewswire, each cut-flower can emit up to 3kg of CO2. As many of the flowers in bouquets are transported in from other countries, they travel very far to get to you which as we know, local produce is much greener.

Also, flowers wilt.

Wouldn’t it be nicer to drop by the local garden store and pick out a pot of flowers for the garden that will last for years to come! Or you can even get a cut pot and a packet of seeds and start growing them from scratch. February is even the perfect time to sow Cosmos and Salvias, or you can hold off until February to sow some sun flower seeds!

The bees will appreciate the flowers too!

3. A Home Spa Day

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I’m not saying don’t go to the spa for environmental reasons but, given that the pandemic is still raging, it’s wise to skip out on a spa this year!

So what can you do instead if you don’t want to go buy something! Pamper your partner with a DIY spa day. Grab some scented tea lights, essential oil put on some relaxing music and offer a massage and a face mask (not these facemasks!)

4. Bake Something

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I really don’t like getting gifts for people for my birthday or Christmas because I end up things I don’t necassaity want or need but won’t send to a charity shop because I feel mean!

So, I love it when my boyfriend bakes me something for special occasions because there’s no waste, and I know a lot of love and thought went into it.

Why not bake scones, cookies, pumpkin bread, or one of these delicious coffee desserts!

5. A Candle Lit Meal

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If baking isn’t your thing, then maybe you can cook a mean dinner!

The same principle applies as before; it’s something that took care, love and time to make and you can enjoy it together with some romantic music, candles, and a glass of wine. The main focus of this eco-friendly Valentine’s Day gifts list is to focus on avoiding unnecessary products.

6. A Voucher

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A lot of people dislike vouchers as presents because they think they feel thoughtless! I see the point completely, however, if you’re loved one is very eco-conscious then they might prefer gift cards to physical gifts (I know I do!) especially if you buy them from somewhere they love.

They can be from anywhere, in person or online! Whether its a restaurant or their favourite shop.

7. Moon & Star Necklace

star and lava necklace for an eco-friendly valentine's day gift

If you would rather buy something than make something for Valentine’s Day then that’s fine! Just try to shop ethically, check out this Moon & Star lava diffuser necklace for example!

Pick it up here!

8. Apple Of My Eye Necklace

gold apple leaf lava necklace for an eco-friendly valentines day gift

They say your significant other is the apple of your eye, so why not show them that with this stunning gold leaf necklace.

Pick it up here!

9. Skincare Set

eco-friendly skincare set for valentine's day

A lot of people like to go all out with their (green) Valentine’s Day gifts which means buying hampers and sets like this skincare set! This one even comes in a recyclable black box with an organic ribbon.

Although, to be greener, you can make DIY skincare products with coffee.

Pick it up here!

10. Volcanic Potpourri

lava & obsidian volcanic potpourri for a green valentine's day gift

I saved what I think is the best for last on this green Valentines Day gift guide! I own one of these and it is gorgeous! The best part is that you can use any essential oil you want to customize the scent of the room. It looks so elegant, and goes with all styles!

Pick it up here!

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So there we have it! 10 eco-friendly Valentine’s Day Gifts to pamper your partner and take care of the planet! What’s your favourite thing on this list?

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