12 Christmas TV Specials To Watch This Holiday Season

I love a good Christmas movie as much as the next person, but a highlight of the reason is the holiday episodes of my favourite shows. I just had to make a list of my favourite Christmas TV specials from the Simpsons to Brooklyn 99 and more.

Grab some hot chocolate and enjoy these Christmas episodes of popular TV shows.

12 Best Christmas TV Specials

1. Community – Comparative Religion

One of my favourite things about Community is that they excel at holiday episodes, and had great Halloween and Christmas specials every season. My favourite Community Christmas episode is the first ever one in season one.

Jeff gets into a fight to defend Abid, which gets in the way of Shirley’s Christmas plans for the group.

2. Drake & Josh – Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh

The Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh TV Christmas TV special is technically both a Chrsitmas movie and an episode. It was episode 21 of season 4, but was movie length.

While Drake is avoiding a girl who likes him at the mall, he bumps into a little girl who makes him promise to give her foster family the best Christmas ever.

Meanwhile, Josh is hosting a paper at the Premiere but calls the cops when a group of teenagers cause trouble, but the cops arrest everyone at the party. Drake then tries to break Josh out of jail, and gets caught. The judge rules that they must give the little girl the best Christmas ever or go to jail.

3. Brooklyn 99 – Yippie Kayak

As much as I love the Halloween Heist episodes, Brooklyn 99 is pretty good at Christmas episodes too. My favourite had to be none other than their Die Hard inspired episode.

On Christmas Eve, Jake, Charles, and Gina went last minute Christmas shopping, and Jake is estatic when they encounter a real life Die Hard scenario. Meanwhile, Terry is trying to enjoy a Christmas without being interrupted by work and Amy is trying to prove that she can handle a cold Christmas swim with Holt and Rosa.

4. The Simpsons – Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire

The first episode of season one of the Simpsons was a Christmas episode! Although they have had some amazing holiday episodes over the years, Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire is the most wholesome and sets a pretty big part of the season up.

Homer is struggling to buy Christmas presents for the family for Christmas, and Bart decides that getting a tattoo is a great gift for Marge. The family have to cut into their raining day fund to remove the tattoo, while trying to score money at the dog track, Homer comes home with the best gift of all.

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5. Supernatural – A Very Supernatural Christmas

Supernatural didn’t do many holiday themed episodes, but when they did, they did a pretty good job.

Sam and Dean go to Michigan when they’re alerted to the presence of an Anti-Santa that pulls it’s victims up the chimney. The boys discover two pagan gods in human form.

As it’s Dean’s “last” Christmas, he wants to have a traditional holiday with an unfestive Sam.

6. BoJack Horseman Christmas Special: Sabrina’s Christmas Wish

Like Supernatural, Bojack Horseman didn’t have an annual Christmas episode, but the one we got was exactly what you would expect.

Sabrina’s Christmas Wish is a throwback episode to Horsin’ Around. Todd won’t leave Bojack’s house Christmas morning, and makes him watch the holiday special.

7. Rick And Morty – Anatomy Park

The Rick And Morty Christmas episode doesn’t feel too festive so it’s great for those who want a break from the usual tropes.

While Gerry learns a disturbing fact about his parents, Rick shrinks Marty down and sends him to Anatomy Park; a theme park he built inside a homeless man.

8. Friends – The One With The Holiday Armadillo

Friends didn’t shy away from festive episodes, but The One With The Holiday Armadillo is the most iconic.

Ross tries to teach his son, Ben, about Hannukah, but struggles to get him interested.

9. Futerama – Xmas Story

Futerama’s take on Christmas is pretty bleak but funny. Robot Santa is one of the best recurring characters.

Fry can’t believe that Santa Claus in the future isn’t a nice jolly man who gives gifts, but rather an evil robot who punishes everyone.

10. Malcolm In The Middle – Christmas

There are several Christmas episodes of Malcolm in the Middle but the one where Lois holds Christmas hostage because of the boys bad behaviour is the best.

11. Kenan & Kel – Merry Christmas, Kenan

Kenan and Kel was a great show, and the Christmas episode was no different!

We have traditional elements of the comedy such as Kel’s love of orange soda but there are “good messages” for young viewers too like Kenan helping a single mom enjoy Christmas, despite saving up to buy a bike he’s always wanted.

12. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia – A Very Sunny Christmas

My personal favourite Christmas episode of a TV show is It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia‘s straight-to-video A Sunny Christmas.

The gang, unsurprisingly, have a terrible Christmas as Dee and Dennis try to Christmas Carol Frank, while Charlie and Mac destroy their childhood nostalgia. Be warned, this episode isn’t for the faint of heart.

What do you think of these Christmas TV Specials? What’s your favourite Christmas episode of a show?

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