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12 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas For Green Christmas Presents – Sustainable Gift Guide

I love Christmas as much as the next person but it is an environmental catastrophe from unwanted gifts, to mountains of single-use plastic so I decided to seek out eco-friendly gift ideas and create a sustainable gift guide for some green Christmas presents this year! From gifts for self-care, beauty, drinks, and things from the heart, there’s something for everyone on this eco-friendly gift guide! Best of all, these are small independent businesses who do good for the environment and their communities. In this climate, we need to shop small, and this guide will help!

This post contains affiliate links. I make a small percentage of commission from sales made through these links at no extra cost to you. I only work with brands I know, trust, and whose ethos lines up with my own. There are links to my own products which are disclosed.

Lava Diffuser

lava and obsidian essential oil diffuser for a green gift this christmas

The first eco-friendly Christmas gift is a plastic-free essential oil diffuser made from lava and obsidian with no plastic Not only are boostology a sustainable brand, but they plant a tree for every purchase. I personally own this diffuser and can vouch for it; it’s stunning. You have the freedom to use any fragrance you want, whether you want to buy some of their own essentials oils like peppermint & euchalyptis, grapefruit, bergamot & ylang ylang, wild black spruce, or rosemary or choose a scent from somewhere else.

Pick it up here.

Lava Stone Diffuser Bracelet

tiger eye and lava diffuser bracelet for a sustainable stocking stuffer

For self-care on the go, then your loved ones might prefer a diffuser bracelet instead. This gorgeous handmade tiger’s eye and lava bracelet is a perfect gift, because all you need to do is dab a little essential oil onto the lava which acts as a sponge.

Pick it up here.

green tiger eye and lava diffuser bracelet for a sustainable stocking stuffer

If the brown tiger eye doesn’t feel quite right, there’s also a green version that works as a stunning eco-friendly stocking filler this Christmas.

Pick it up here.

Gold Lava Diffuser Necklace

gold leaf and lava diffuser necklace for a sustainable christmas present

For a more luxury green gift, then you might prefer this 14k gold leaf lava diffuser necklace. Simply add some essential oil to the lava rock for some relaxing aromatherapy on the go. It includes a 2ml bottle of pure essential oil and an application wand, so you won’t get stuck with any surprise or additional purposes to complete this sustainable Christmas present!

Pick it up here.

green gift for christmas: gold star and lava diffuser necklace

If you don’t like the leaf, then there’s a star version too which is one of the more festive of these eco-friendly gifts for Christmas.

Pick it up here.

Marble Tealight Holder With Essential Oil Candles

This is another self-care related eco-friendly Christmas gift! After this year we need a lot of TLC…

This marble tealight holder will keep your scented candles from damaging your home, while working as a stunning piece on their own. The candles come in Bergamot, Lemon & Pink Grapefruit.

If you don’t love the black it comes in stone and onyx, with different scented candles.

Pick it up here.

Organic Lip Balm Kit

sustainable stocking filler: organic lip balm set

A lip balm kit is the perfect eco-friendly stocking filler this Christmas! With peppermint, lemon, rose, and unscented balms, there’s bound to be a few scents your loved one will like.

These lip balms are cruelty free and made from organic ingredients.

Pick it up here.

Skincare Gift Set

eco-friendly gift guide: skincare set with cloth, rose mist, balms, scrubs, oils, and lip balm

Gift sets are always so handy when it comes to eco-friendly gifts, and this skincare set it no exception! It comes with a reusable wash cloth, rose mist, face washes and scrubs, beauty oil, and lipbalm – which featured on this list of sustainable skincare products.

Pick it up here.

Personalised Shaving Set

green christmas gifts: personalised shave kit with razors and oils

Some of the best green gifts are personalised eco-friendly gifts, so tell someone you love them with a custom shave set! This save set comes with; a pencil razor, personalised blainmat, pre-wash, shaving oil, post shave balms, a shave brick AND some safety razors. The blades are plastic free and easy to replace, and the packaging is plastic-free and degradable.

Pick it up here.

Naturally Complete Gift Set

skincare and shaving gift set for eco-friendly gift ideas

This eco-friendly gift set has all your self-care needs in one: a razor, and razor head replacements, a scented candle, zero-waste soap, skin & shave oil, and shower gel! It’s plastic-free!

Pick it up here.

Print On Demand Products

The greenest thing you can buy is nothing, but sometimes it’s nice to give someone something. Whether it’s a stocking stuffer, or clothing designed on Red Bubble by independent artists.

Print on demand is exactly what it means; products are printed per order. This means there’s nothing sitting in a warehouse or landfill unsold forever and the energy used is absolutely necessary.

Check out my notebooks and my poetry book.

Something From The Heart

cutout gingerbread
Photo by Lina Kivaka on

The most eco-friendly item is the one you don’t buy, so the same applies to sustainable gifts for Christmas. So why not bake something like cookies for a loved one? Or knit them a jumper?

A Gift Card

white and brown christmas gift box with card
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A gift card is another one of my favourite green gifts for Christmas because it means you can buy something you actually want; there’s no awkward returns, no pretending you like something you don’t, and no buying something that will be left unloved. It’s also a great way to support local and small businesses!

brown paper christmas present

I hope these sustainable stocking stuffers and eco-friendly Christmas presents were helpful! Happy holidays – and remember to think green when you wrap your green gifts and be smart with how you clean up after the holiday season is over.

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