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Eco-Friendly Skincare 101: Products And Tips For A Green Skincare Regime

Eco-friendly skincare isn’t easy to find, but that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice self-care for the envrionment. It just means shopping around till you find something that suits both your lifestyle and your regime. Here are six eco-friendly skincare products, as well as tips and tricks for having a green skincare regime.

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Eco-Friendly Skincare Ideas

1. Moisturising Skin Balm

two botthes of skin balk

For me, one of the most important parts of my green skincare regime is to moisturise! My skin was very dry as a teenager as I hardly moisturised (and the all the acne medication dried my face out – so I really should have been putting that moisture back in!), to the extent that putting any product on my face earth.

Thankfully as I got older, I came to my senses, and moisturise by skin before bed and in the morning. It’s much softer and brighter now that I take care of it.

Skin balms are handy ways to keep your skin happy and moisturised.

Pick up some skin balms here.

2. Face Oil

face oil

I used to think it was just enough to moisturize; but that’s not the case. One of the struggles of finding eco-friendly skincare was accepting that my skin needed more products. So the solution to adding more products to my regime was to opt for green skincare products such as face oils made from natural ingredients, and are stored in recyclable glass containers; such as this hydrating face oil from Boostology.

I put on oil before bed, and before my night cream. For the best results, lubricate a rose quartz dermal-roller with some oil and massage gently in an upwards motion on your face.

Pick up some face oil here.

3. Powder Face Scrub

green skincare: pink face scrub powder

I love exfoliating as much as the next person which is why a face scrub had to be on this green skincare list. However, they tend to contain preservatives which are sometimes not a good additive for the environment. To keep things as natural as possible, this powdered face scrub is additive-free.

Unlike other face scrubs that are premixed and ready to go, this one needs a little water before use. The fact that its left in powdered form keeps is fresh, as a mix without preservatives would go off too quickly, so this is the best of both worlds; hygienic and sustainable.

Only exfoliate a few times a week; not every single day, even if you are using a natural or gentle scrub.

Pick up some green (pink!) face scrub here!

4. Detox Face Mask

green skincare: clay mask powder

Face masks are great for self-care, and your face appreciates the extra TLC. However, self-care doesn’t have to come at the expense of the planet which is why it’s important to use green skincare products.

This detox face mask comes in powder form just like the powder face scrub mentioned above does.

Pick up this facemask here!

4. Rose Mist

eco-friendly skincare rose mist

Another essential eco-friendly skincare product for me is rose mist. I take off my make-up with reusable microfibre clothes (that don’t even need cleanser!) but to ensure all my make-up is off, I give it a wipe over with anoher side of the cloth with some rose mist.

Rose water (and/or tea tree water) helps keep my acne at bay, and is super refreshing. Even if you’re not using it after taking off your make-up, on a hot day, nothing is as pleasant as giving your face a spritz.

This rose mist comes in a glass bottle, and contains aloe vera to keep your skin healthy!

Pick up some rose mist here!

5. Zero-Waste Face Soap

charcoal bar of soap

For a gentle face wash, a zero-waste facial soap is one of the best eco-friendly cosmetics you can use. Unlike an exfoliator, this is a gentle face wash when can be used more often.

Charcoal is like a sponge for sucking up toxins so Kairn’s soap is a dream come true.

Pick up some soap here!

6. Reusable Face Cloth and Cleanser

eco-friendly skincare: cleanser and hot cloth combo

I hate to think about how many single-use cotton pads I’ve used in my life! Thankfully, I haven’t used them for a long time as I remove my make-up with a reusable cloth. That said, cleanser is one of the most important skin products because you need to remove make-up and dirt from your face! Otherwise, you’ll break out.

This reusable face cloth and cleanser combo is not just a green product for removing make-up but is a self-care product too. The hot cloth treatment is so relaxing, you’ll feel like you’re finishing your day in a spa!

Pick up a reusable cloth & cleanser here!

7. You Are What You Eat

matcha green tea

One of the most underrappracied parts of eco-friendly skincare is nutrition. If you nourshi your body from the inside out, you’ll be glowing. No matter how many green skincare products you use, nothing can override health and diet.

Foods rich in antioxidants, in particular, are among the best to eat for healthy-looking skin. Antioxidants are compounds found in foods that negate free radical damage. Free radicals happen when unpaired electrons bounce around the body, looking for something to bond with, but as they move around, they damage DNA which accelerates the aging process.

There’s no halting the aging process entirely, but you can do some things to help age gracefully. Dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa), and matcha green tea are great sources of antioxidants, as are berries.

8. DIY It

coffee grounds

As I said about ethical shopping, the greenest product you can buy is the one you don’t. That line of thought applies to eco-friendly skincare products too. While you probably can’t make something like a skin oil or moisturiser, you can make face masks.

I love to upcycle coffee grounds into a coconut oil based scrub. The caffeine makes me feel more alert, and the coffee isn’t coarse enough to damage my skin like the infamous walnut face scrub beauty guru’s warn against. If you have an aloe vera plant, you can use it to treat spots and cuts.

The best eco-friendly skin care tip is to do a quick search on google before throwing any food out to see if it can be made into some sort of face mask or hair treatment. Good for you and the planet!

9. Try Multipurpose Products

green skincare cosmetics - coconut oil

Rather than buying multiple products, wouldn’t it be better to use the same product for a few things? Although the coconut oil hype has died down; as Kylie Jenner one said; coconut oil is bae.

I use coconut oil as:

  • Primer
  • Shaving cream
  • A base for my coffee scrub
  • A base for hair masks
  • Deodrant (if my armpits are irritated after shaving it; it makes clothes smell funny, which is why I’d recommend low-waste deodorant over solid coconut oil)
green skincare regime

Do you use any green skincare products or green cosmetics? What’s your skincare regime like?

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  1. This has definitely made me want to look at having a more eco friendly skincare routine. Thank you for sharing the rose face mist I have been after one for the longest time.

  2. These are some great tips. I love doing my skincare routine in the evening and I’m always trying to find new ways to make it more eco friendly! Great post x

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