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Book Review: Abnormally Abbey

[Gifted] I was given an ARC of Abnormally Abbey in exchange for an honest review.

What Abnormally Abbey Is About

Abbey is a perfectly normal teenage girl, except for one little thing; she can see dead people.

14-year-old Abbey has to spend her summer in camp, as her dad is away for work and her mother disappeared under mysterious circumstances. However, Abbey’s summer is ruined when instead of singing kumbaya around a fire at a religious camp, her dad has accidentally sent her to Camp Tough Love for troubled teens. As if the early mornings and drill training weren’t bad enough, the spirits seem to have followed her to camp.

What I Thought

Keep in mind that the target audience is younger than I am, so I’m sure I would have enjoyed this a lot more as a 14-year old, and not as a 24-year old.

That said, I still really enjoyed it.

I thought Abbey was fun and quirky, and I loved how she managed to find an 80s song reference for every scenario.

It was well paced, and the mystery kept building as I read on. From the moment she mentioned her mother’s disappearance, I wanted to know what happened to her, and how it would tie into Abbey’s nightmare summer!

It was spooky, but it wasn’t cheesily spooky, if that makes sense. Evans gave ghost stories his own spin, and it paid off.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book! And it’s perfect for spooky season!

If you like ghost stories and YA, you might also enjoy Sunburn, and Only Ever Yours.

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