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Being Eco-Friendly During Covid-19: 5 Ways To Be Green During A Pandemic

Being eco-friendly during Covid-19 is a challenge, because a lot of green practices like avoiding single-use items have had to go in order to be safe. Before the pandemic, more and more people were considering or adapting zero-waste practices. However, a lot of the measures we need to take to be safe, rely on using zero-waste PPE. So how to you balance being green during a pandemic with being sensible?

Now that many places are out of lockdown, and going back to a new sense of normality, we’re encountering new challenges when it comes to being green. There are a few ways to go about limiting single-use products without endangering both yourself and others. While you’re here, you might enjoy my being green in quarantine post!

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Being Eco-Friendly During Covid-19

1. Wear A Reusable Mask

Wearing a mask is essential for curbing the spread of the virus. Marks help slow the spread by catching droplets from coughs and sneezes; which protects other people. If we all wear masks and maintain social distancing then less people will get sick.

One of the most important ways of being green during COVID-19 is to wear a reusable facemask. As long as there are at least two layers of fabric then reusable masks are just as effective as single-use ones.

reusable face masks - being green during covid-19

You might want to stock up on a few reusable masks so you still have something to wear while others are in the wash.

They’ve been a debated topic lately but not for eco-friendly purposes, but because people are selfish. The masks aren’t to protect you from other people; it’s to protect other people from you in case you have it. The reality is we can’t guarantee 100% we don’t have it, so be sensible and wear a mask of face covering when you go outside.

What I love about reusable masks is that you can use them to express your style and interests! A lot of bands even made masks!

2. Refill Your Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitisers mostly come in tiny plastic bottles – which are convineint for storing in your bag, but not so convenient for the environment! A good idea is to buy a large bottle of hand sanitizer, and using it to refill one mini bottle for on-to-go.

Plastic can only be recycled so many times, whereas glass is easier to reuse and has a much longer life-span. This makes glass hand sanitizers a greener option, but if like me, you’re clumsy, then maybe stick to plastic!

hand sanitizer - being green during the pandemic

Remember to take care of your hands and use hand sanitizers like this essential oil hand sanitizer! The constant hand washing and sanitizing is quite harsh on skin, so remember to moisturise often! You’re more susceptible to almost all illnesses if you have cracks and little cuts in your skin, so keep your hands in good shape!

3. Or Try Reusable Gloves

Reusable gloves have been a less popular suggestion on being green during Covid-19, but they’re worth considering.

reusable gloves - being eco-friendly during covid-19

Reusable gloves are plastic, but higher quality than standard single-use ones which is why they can be sterilised and used again. If you are going to be wearing gloves, make sure to take them off properly and avoid touching your face (otherwise you defeat the purpose!)

4. Get Eco-Friendly Soap

The best way to kill germs is to wash your hands with warm soapy water for at least 20-seconds. Hand sanitizer and gloves help, but the best thing is still simply to wash your hands often.

refillable soap - being eco-friendly during covid-19

Boostolgy’s soap comes in an easy to recycle (or upcycle!) glass bottle and contains natural ingredients, so you can be safe and green during this pandemic!

5. Now Is The Time To Walk More

Although buses are running, I’ve been avoiding them as best they can. The bus service here has been marking seats for social distancing, and I’m sure they wipe down surfaces regularly; but public transport can’t be wiped down after every single customer!


I’ve taken this as an opportunity to walk more, so it’s better for my health, and the planet.

6. Remember You Can’t Be As Green As You Like

I was disappaointed that the pandemic meant it was hard to be as low-waste as I would like. As someone who has reusalbe coffee cups, as soon as we had our first few cases cafes understanbly, stopped accepting reusable. Thankfully, many places have biodegradable coffee cups which can be composted (and make great seed starters!)

Although it feels like a lifetime; this pandemic will eventually come to an end and we can go back to being as low-waste as we used to be. For now, do your best, but be safe. You might also like these eco-friendly apartment living tips.

zero-waste items - being green during the pandemic

What do you think of these ideas for being eco-friendly during Covid-19? Have you been finding ways to be green during the pandemic? Stay safe!

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  1. Great post. It’s definitely hard to balance both of these things. Obviously we all want to be as safe as possible but when the environment and doing our bit to help is so important, it can be hard to make those sacrifices.

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