Using Creativity In My Daily Life: How The Flow Never Stops

[Sponsored Post] Life isn’t always inspiring which is why it’s important to find creativity somewhere. I’m my happiest when I am creating something which is why I try to make it apart of my daily life; whether that’s writing, blogging, music, or poor attempts at art. As Mr Keating said in Dead Poets Society; these are what we stay alive for.

Sometimes I’ll just get hit with a burst of inspiration out of no where and have to stop whatever I’m doing to write it down. However, more often than not that’s not the case. You can’t just sit around and wait for creativity and inspiration to come to you; you have to go find it. If you wait around, you’re never going to be productive, or just end up getting tiny bits done in little bursts; which isn’t feasible if you have a deadline.

So here’s how I get creative in my daily life.

1. Set The Mood

If I’m writing I need to make sure I’m in the right space for it. As much as a might feel like listening to one of my favourite bands, I can’t get much done if I listen to music with lyrics which is why I listen to movie scores for inspiration and concentration. If I’m writing a dark scene in a novel I might listen to something ominous like the Joker score, or if I’m blogging I might put on something more upbeat. It’s about setting the tone for whatever you’re working on.

Whether you’re working on a passion project or something for work, you’re not going to be creative and productive in a poor atmosphere. This means working at a desk, rather than sitting on your bed (which I’m guilty of from time to time), and keeping your space tidy. The more cluttered your working space is, the more cluttered your mind feels!

On the point of staying in bed, make sure to get dressed too! As comfortable as pajamas as, you’re not going to have the mindset to get stuff done wearing them! I feel sluggish and gross if I wear pajamas all day.

You don’t have to put on business attire; something comfy and casual will do! I sure would have appreciated these work from home outfit ideas at the start of lockdown. Now I tend to wear leggings, a vest and a plaid shirt, or leggings with band merch; comfy and cute!

2. It’s Okay To Get Help

If you’re working on a new project there’s no shame in looking up tutorials or asking for help. I tried embroidery in January as a New Years Resolution I didn’t keep up. I should have looked at some embroidery designs first, rather than winging it! At least I know what to do when I find the time to pick back up the embroidery needle again!

My Pinterest game is really strong, but I didn’t magically know how to use it out of nowhere! I used pin templates, looked at Pins from other bloggers, and got advice. Eventually, it started working and now Pinterest is my number one source of views!

Design Bundles is a great resource for finding Pin templates and ideas for Pin layouts! As well as social media layouts in general!

The internet is a treasure trove for refining skills. There are so many art tutorials on Youtube, or courses for literally anything under the sun available online. No matter what your craft is, you can find ways to enhance your creative endeavours at the click of a finger.

3. Look For Inspiration

There’s nothing wrong with looking for inspiration so long as you don’t outright copy anyone! It’s common knowledge that everyone has been inspired by someone; The Beatles were inspired by Elvis, and everyone else was inspired by The Beatles!

So it’s okay to be influenced by other creatives, so long as you take that inspiration and create something uniquely yours with it.

For example, if you’re drawing, it’s okay to look up images of poses if you’re drawing people and base your work around that. As a writer, reading is just as important as writing is to improve the craft. I find when I’m not reading much, my own personal writing doesn’t flow as well. As a songwriter, learning your favourite songs is a great way to understand how to write your own.

Inspiration is fine, plagiarism is not.

4. Be Disclipined

As someone who prides herself on being creative, I can tell you it doesn’t fall from the sky, and you won’t feel artistic all the time. While my best work or ideas might be spur of the moment, what’s important is to be consistent even if you don’t feel like it.

It’s also important to be organised; make a to-do list every morning to keep track of your day! Design Bundles also have resources for planners and scrapbooks which are a big help in tracking progress and tasks. With these tips you can power through and get stuff done, even when you don’t feel creative!

What do you do to bring creativity into your daily life? You might also be interested in learning can fan-fiction improve your writing.

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  1. Beautiful tips – you are right, sometimes we need to coax creativity. For us, creativity often shows up in food as we find joy in interpreting dishes and making them plant-based. It is fun, and also we can eat it!

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