How I Kept My Relationship Alive While ‘Rona Kept Us Apart

[Sponsored Post] Lockdown had been hard on everyone, as we’ve had to spend months away from our loved ones. A question I’ve been getting a lot of recently is “so did you get to isolate with your boyfriend?” and the answer to that is no, I didn’t.

I still live with my parents so it meant not seeing each other for a few months, but how did we come out of lockdown stronger?

A lot of couples didn’t make it out of lockdown together; whether it’s because they couldn’t hack not being together, or had the opposite problem and couldn’t stand each other 24/7. While some couples don’t last forever, which is perfectly fine, I’m grateful we managed to come out the side of such an unprecedented situation.

How My Relationship Survived Lockdown

1. Talk Talk Talk

While being intimate is a big part of a relationship, for me being best friends is more important so to deal with not seeing each other, we just messaged each other a little more than usual.

Sometime’s it’s just tagging each other in memes on Instagram but mostly it was having DMCs. Relationships are all about trust, so if you feel like you cant talk to your partner about some things, then you might need to have a conversation about that. Not all DMCs are nice pleasant fun conversations, but we feel closer for them, even after the sad ones.

2. Do Something Nice For Each Other

Doing nice things for your partner doens’t always have to mean nice romantic dinners or fancy getaways. It’s the simple things.

I was surprised by a good few spontaneous care packages, and I sent him a few gifts too.

3. Meet Up From A Distance

Once restrictions were loosened, we had a few social distance meet-ups. A few places opened for coffee so we put on our masks and gloves, sat two meters apart and got coffee together.

The silver lining to all of this is that it’s summer so we were also able to go on a few walks or sit in a park to enjoy the weather.

4. The Internet Is A Wonderful Thing

Before lockdown we spent a lot of time watching movies and TV shows together, but thanks to the internet we can still do that. Whether that means going on a Disney bender on Disney Plus or using Netflix party.

While it’s not the same as physically watching a movie together, but making a bowl of popcorn and cuddling in bed is close enough.

Another marvel of the internet is that we can video call each other so we can at least see the other person on the other line. Again, not the same as being face-to-face but you gotta do what you gotta do.

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How was lockdown for you? Did it effect your love life at all? This pandemic is far from over so if you’re dating make sure to be safe and responsible using these tips above, and wear a mast & social distance if you’re going outside. Check out these New Years date ideas.

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