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The Ultimate Stay At Home Bucket List

I use my bucket list as a measure of how my life is going, but it’s hard to have fun bucket list adventures when I’ve been staying home since March thanks to Miss Rona. So what fun things can you tick off your bucket list at home? Here’s the ultimate stay at home bucket list:

10 Things To Do At Home

1. Send A Letter To A Random Address

The art of letter writing is a tradition I firmly believe should be kept alive. I have a Penpal I’ve been writing to for 10 years now, and it’s so lovely getting a little surprise in the mail every few weeks! Now is the perfect time to find yourself a penpal!

letter writing - indoor bucket list

2. Send A Letter To P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney

Did anyone else want to write to P. Sherman after Finding Nemo came out? Only to find that there isn’t actually a Wallaby Way in Sydney? If you actually send a letter to P. Sherman, it’s just going to end up returned to you when the post office realise the address doesn’t exist (or binned).

While this is a bit of a dent in this ultimate stay at home bucket list, there is a good substitute to this one. I always thought Disney missed out on an opportunity not opening up a PO box in Sydney, but if you want to send a Disney letter you can write to your favourite characters for a postcard. Check out my postcard wall to learn why I love postcards so much.

For more at-home entertainment, check out these underrated Disney films, best live actions, and the best Disney sequels.

sydney opera house

3. Send A Message In A Bottle

I used to want to send a message in a bottle but then realised that’s bad for the environment because there’s already enough plastic and waste in the ocean.

Technically, sending a message in a bottle in Animal Crossing Counts, or you can send a message in a mini bottle to your new pen pal!

message in a bottle - indoor bucket list

4. Learn An Instrument

I already play guitar, bass, and kind of the ukulele, so I haven’t been learning a new instrument, but I’ve spend more time at them. I was tempted to try learn piano, but I’ve been focusing more on writing my own music (which I can hopefully share here one day). If you’re wondering what that would sound like, probably these emo artists.

If you have a bit more downtime than usual right now, it’s the perfect time to learn the instrument you always dreamed off! There’s so many free lessons on the internet you don’t even need a teacher for this one of these things to do at home.

Here’s the music bucket list I can hopefuly get back to one day!

learning an instrument - guitar

5. Have A Movie Marathon

My friends and I always wanted to do a Harry Potter movie marathon together but Miss Rona had other plans. However, we can still use apps like Netflix Party to watch movies together while we’re apart, or simply have a marathon by ourselves.

The second I got Disney Plus I went on a Pirates of the Caribbean bender. Watching movies is one of the most comforting things to do at home, even if it isn’t productive. You don’t have to be productive all the time! Sometimes you need to practice some self-care.

If you don’t like Disney, or think that J.K Rowling has crossed too many lines, I’d recommend having a Lord of the Rings marathon instead.

movie marathon

6. Make A Big Blanket Fort

This indoor bucket list item co-insides with the point above. Take all your bedsheets downstairs and make the big pillow fort of your dreams to get comfy during your movie marathon. There’s nothing wrong with being childish, it’s a pandemic, we all need to find comfort in something.

build a pillow fort

7. Dye Your Hair A Fun Colour

A lot of people impulsively dyed their hair in quarantine and tried to give themselves bangs or haircuts. Honestly, why not? If you’ve always secretly had “dye my hair pink” on your bucket list, then now is the time to make that dream a reality. It’s only hair; it will grow back.

This indoor bucket list item is the lesser evil of getting a tattoo gun and tattooing yourself, which I do not recommend.

dye your hair a crazy colour - indoor bucket list

8. Watch The Sunrise & Sunset

There are so many beautiful parts of life that we don’t pay attention to because it’s all hustle and bustle. Now that we’ve all collectively slowed down, wake up early and watch the sunrise, and catch it setting later on that evening.


9. Write A Book

If you’re one of those people who went from a busy schedule, to nothing, now is the perfect time to write that book you’ve always dreamed of! Who knows, it could change your life.

10. Scrapbooking & Journaling

Now is a great time to embrace some nostalgia. While the future seems bleak, and the days drag on forever, I think it’s good to remind yourself of the things you’ve already seen and done.

I’ve mentioned my adventure book before which is essentially a journal where I keep photos, concert tickets, travel mementos, and write yearly updates about my life. If I don’t keep things like concert wristbands or tickets in one neat place, I will lose them. Plus, it’s cathartic and something creative you can do, even if you don’t consider yourself a talented artist.

While it’s nice to look at the past with fondness, we still have a future to look forward to.

What are your favourite fun things to do at home? Have you done anything on this stay at home bucket list? Stay safe out there. You might also like my guide on being green in quarantine.

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20 thoughts on “The Ultimate Stay At Home Bucket List

  1. Wonderful bucket list! I’ve tried many things too, learning multilingual and watching K-drama. It’s really nice to have a goal at home too. Anyway, love your post! xx

  2. What a wonderful post!! I love this. I’ve been loving watching the sunset on my evening walks. Also, I was devastated when i found out that Wallaby Way didn’t exist haha! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  3. Omg I went straight to pirates of the Caribbean when I downloaded Disney plus too! Okay and Hannah Montana…

    I’d love to start writing letters to a pen pal again! I miss writing, everything is typing these days!!!

    Becky Shannon xx – Life-by-Becky

  4. Absolutely love this list! I’ve officially dyed my hair now to checl off the other items!

  5. Great ideas! I have been impressed with how many people are taking this time as an opportunity to learn something new. With Moz offering their SEO courses for free right now, I’ve been focusing on that as a way to boost my knowledge while also working towards improving my blog. Not that I’m always being productive – I’ve also spent a fair amount of time playing Sims 4 if I’m going to be honest lol

  6. Really good ideas! I’ve definitely checked off the experimenting with dying my hair, now just seeing if I’m brave enough to try and cut it!! X

    1. I love this! So often we focus on being stuck inside without trying to think if the alternative options we have that are actually fun. I love the idea of sending a letter to a random address! So fun, and it’s nice to do something that doesn’t have to involve a screen x


  7. This list is so much fun!! I used to have an Italian penpal called Anna when I was younger so bloggers have become my new penpals! The furthest letter I’ve gotten was from Japan! Haha!

    Daisy xoxo | TheDeeWhoLived

    1. I was in girl guides (which is basically girl scouts) so we were connected through that, but I think there are forums online for finding some!

  8. Nice! I’ve definitely done a lot of movie marathons. Too many movie marathons! 😂 And I haven’t learned to play an instrument, but I have been working on building up some new skills. Thanks for the ideas!

    1. I met mine through girl guides which is why it was safe. Same, I can’t stand JKR anymore!

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