5 Ways To Date In Quarantine

[AD | Sponsored Post] Dating in quarantine might seem impossible but it doesn’t have to be that way. I’ve been with my boyfriend three years now, but we’re not isolating together so we’ve had to find ways to keep the love alive while being apart. So far, we’ve been doing good! Here are 5 ways to date in quarantine. You might also like these New Years dates ideas.

1. Have A Zoom Movie Night

One of the handy things about Zoom is that you can share your screen with someone, which means that we can watch a movie together and talk during it like we would in real life. It’s a little sad lying in bed with popcorn and seeing his face on a screen, but we have to adapt to the pandemic. Disney Plus and Netflix have more than enough to keep us entertained.

movie night - ways to date in isolation

For more at-home entertainment, check out these underrated Disney filmsbest live actions, and the best Disney sequels. You might prefer a Lord Of The Rings or Harry Potter marathon instead.

2. Post Things To Each Other

Whether you want to keep the romantic tradition of letter writing alive, or send care packages, posting things to each other is another way to keep in touch. Why not ask the person your dating to post one of their hoodies over? Or order them a gift from their Amazon wishlist as a nice surprise?

My boyfriend and I bond over music, so I pre-ordered a band we both love’s album to his house so we have something to be excited about even if we’re not physically there to open it together, he can send me pictures.

The good news is we live together now!

letters - ways to keep the love alive in isolation

3. Video Calls

We were never the couple to talk on the phone much, as we both prefer messenger, but, it became apparent a few weeks into quarantine that we have to suck it up if we want to see each other. There are so many options for video calls, whether it’s Skype, zoom, face-time, and even Facebook messenger.


4. Join A Dating Site

This one doesn’t apply to me for obvious reasons, but a lot of people went into lockdown single (or are leaving lock down single), and there’s no harm in joining a dating site, like Hampshire dating site, and talking to new people.

If you’re in Hampshire you can use www.datehampshiresingles.co.uk, and if not, there’s always Tinder. Having a date scheduled is something to look forward to when we can resume normal life! In the meantime before a physical date, you can get to know each other with these ways to date in quarantine.

phone - keeping the love alive in isolation by joining a dating site

5. Have A Virtual Games Night

If you don’t feel like watching a movie, you can have a virtual games night, over Zoom – whether this means literally playing a board game like Guess Who over a video call or finding games online you can play together it’s a fun way to find something to talk about in the early days of dating.

Animal Crossing picked the best time to release New Horizons because everyone is playing it, and visiting each other’s island (except for me, as unfortunately, I don’t have a switch).

x-box controller - ways to date in quarantine

How are you keeping the love alive in quarantine if you’re in a relationship? Have you been trying to find ways to date in quarantine?

I can’t wait for the day this is over and we can go back to the Love Bridge in Paris! In the meantime, check out my stay-at-home bucket list for fun things to do, and how I stay green in quarantine.

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