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Book Review: Molls Like It Hot

[GIFTED] Darren was kind enough to gift me a review copy of his new adult fiction book, Molls like it Hot, back in October. I’ve managed not to spill the beans but it was a challenge as one of my best friends is just as big a fan as me! The book is out and is a perfect stocking filler for Darren Dash fans or crime fiction fans in general!

What Molls Like It Hot Is About

Molls like it Hot tells of a seemingly normal taxi driver, Eyre Brown’s brush in with a mobster. After saving gangster Lewis Brue during a shooting he’s given offered a one time job for a fortune. He must keep a young woman, Toni Curtis, safe for one weekend. Except the suspiciously easy task runs into trouble and Eyre has to risk everything to save Toni before Lewis finds out.

molls like it hot by darren dash book cover

What I Thought

Set in London this is a gritty gangster tale grown-up Darren Shan fans will love.

Writing this story from the perspective of a taxi driver was really interesting – because people don’t give them credit for how well they know the area. Taxi drivers also know and witness so many shady dealings that the general public is completely unaware of!

Eyre was definitely an interesting protagonist for this reason, and I love how his past was carefully alluded to at key moments. The book was also very well paced, so there was never a moment where I wanted to put it down – there was always something happening or some sort of reveal, but I was never overwhelmed.

This has all of Darren’s signature plot twists and turns, I never accurately predict what’s going to happen when I’m reading – and this was no different. He always tries something different with his adult books, like Mid Summers Bottom which was a comedy, whereas this was a gangster story. I like the challenge as his YA books are all horror (which I miss and adore but it’s always nice to read something new from time to time). I didn’t see the ending coming! As a reader, it’s great to be taken by surprise! Even though as a big Darren Shan/Dash fan, I should have seen that coming.

Overall, I really liked Molls like it Hot. By the end I was hooked!


If you liked this book then you might also like Sunburn and Procession of the Dead. However, younger readers should stick to the Darren Shan books, as the Dash ones aren’t suitable (until you’re a little older).

You can pick up a copy here.

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