10 Fun New Year’s Eve Activities To Find Love

[AD | Sponsored Post] Forget Valentines Day! There’s something in the air this time of year that helps love blossom. My parent’s met in a bar this time 30 years ago! My boyfriend and I had our first date in December of 2016. There’s something special about the holiday season, so why not try one of these 10 fun New Year’s Eve activities to find love?

1. Join A Dating Site

There used to be a bit of shame in “resorting” to join a dating site, but those days are gone. Now joining a dating site, like WeLoveDates is hugely popular. It’s hard to find someone who wants the same things as you, which is what makes dating sites work because you can meet someone you’re compatible with straight away! Why not set up a New Year’s Eve date?

a couple on a date - 10 fun New Year's Eve activities to find love

2. Play Beer Pong

Beer pong is played by throwing a ping-pong ball into the opposing team’s cups, and if the ball lands in, they have to drink. The first team, to get all the opponent’s cups wins. It’s often played at home with friends before going out, but some bars have their own beer pong tables!

I got my first New Years’ kiss after making new friends playing beer pong, so it works.

friends playing beer pong

3. Go To A Wine Bar

If you’re not a fan of beer pong, then you might prefer a classier night in a wine bar. Wine bar’s have such a romantic atmosphere that it’ll be hard not to swoon.

a wine toast

4. Go Ice-Skating

For most people, winter is the only time of year to go ice-skating so why not take advantage of the opportunity and take your friends for a fun ice-skating session. From taking a break with a nice cup of hot chocolate, or giggle-filled almost crashes, it’s an easy way to meet new people.

a couple getting their picture taking ice-skating

5. Sing Karaoke

Troy and Gabriella gave us high New Year’s Eve expectations when they met NYE singing karaoke in High School Musical. It’s easy to make new friends at a karaoke bar, and a duet could bring you and your future partner together.

man singing
Photo by Aleksandr Neplokhov on Pexels.com

6. Go Bowling

Not everyone wants a NYE that involves alcohol, which is why a pizza and bowling night is great! Why not take your friends and challenge others in the bowling rink to a game?

five friends holding bowling balls

7. Go To A Big Countdown

If you live in a city that holds a big countdown, then take advantage of the opportunity as everyone will be out! The wait leaves plenty of time to get talking to new people.

fireworks display at NYE countdown - 10 fun New Year's Eve activities to find love

8. Attend A “Come Dine With Me Evening”

An easy way to meet someone is through friends of friends, or acquaintances. Host a dinner night akin to the show Come Dine With Me or attend someone else;s. If everyone invites friends, you’ve a great chance to meet someone new.

girls at a dinner party - 10 fun New Year's Eve activities to find love

9. Go to a gig

Some of the biggest local gigs of the year are held NYE. I used to leave gigs as a teenager with so many new friends, so as an adult, it shouldn’t be hard to strike up conversations with fellow music fans.

audience at a gig

10. Go On A Pub Crawl

This season is notorious for pub crawls, broadening your horizons and trying a few new bars is a good idea! You might already know all the regulars of your local, so why not meet somewhere else’s regulars?

girl at the bar on night out

Will you be doing any of these 10 fun New Year’s Eve activities to find love? Happy New Year!

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  1. We’ll be going to some fireworks at Longleat Safari Park then repairing to our local village pub this New Year. Might have to try some beer pong though, that looks lots of fun! Great ideas for NYE here, thank you for the inpso 🙂 Lisa x

  2. This post is filled with such good date ideas! Especially on New Year’s Eve! I mean, if they’re the love of your life, just think how special NYE would be to you years later! I really hate there some people still have reservations about dating sites or apps. I mean, if you want to find someone, why not try it out? Especially if someone who’s like you is doing the exact same thing! Great post!

    Emily | https://www.thatweirdgirllife.com

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