5 Horror Movies You Need Watch this Halloween

When you’re too old to trick-or-treat and too young to go to a Halloween party, there’s really only one thing you can do; watch a good horror movies. Halloween is the best time for movies, from my favourite not-so-scary films to my top five favourite horror movies listed below.

Best Horror Halloween Movies

1. Poltergiest

The 1982 film is one of my favourite 80s movies.

When the Freelings move into a new home they start to notice strange occurrences, especially their youngest child Carol Ann. When the spirits take Carol Ann through the TV, the family reaches out to mediums and exorcists to get their daughter back. 

The CGI in this film did not age well, but that’s one of the things I like about it, they remake it in 2015 and generally followed the plot to a T, but the actors are obviously different and the CGI is more up-to-date but there’s just a strange charm to the original that I love.

2. Insidious

I like all three Insidious movies, but the first two would be my favourites, as the third one just felt like a random story and not a continuation. I only learned that there’s a fourth film that came out in 2018 when I started writing this post! It’s called The Last Key, and this spooky season is the perfect time to catch up.

The first two films centre around the Lambert family who’s son is being preyed on by ghosts. What I love most about the Insidious movies is the inclusion of astral projection, because it’s just so interesting.

3. The Conjuring

The Conjuring is based on the real life work of Ed and Lorraine Warren.

When the Perron family move into a new home in Rhode Island, some strange things start happening.  The Warrens discover that the house was owned by a witch named Bathsheba who sacrificed herself and her child to the devil, and cursed all who would take her land.

I didn’t find The Conjuring that scary, to me it felt like a Supernatural episode without Sam and Dean.

4. The Blair Witch Project

When I talk about the Blair Witch Project, I mean the 1991 original, not the 2016 remake (which I haven’t actually seen).

The Blair Witch Project is about a group of film students who want to record a documentary about the alleged “Blair Witch” of the Black Hills in Maryland. The group are hunted by the witch one by one, the footage we see was uncovered a year after they disappeared.

Although the shaky footage was difficult to watch at times, I think for the time it came out this movie did something different with typical horror movies.

5. IT & IT Chapter 2

Although I loved the original first, I find the remakes easier to watch. I reviewed Chapter 2 recently.

The original was the first horror I really loved (13 was way to young to see IT), and I love the book too, as far as this genre goes, IT is my number one. I really like the atmosphere the new version brought, the effects and the casting couldn’t be more perfect.

For the rest of the year, you can watch these summer horror movies and Christmas horror movies.

28 thoughts on “5 Horror Movies You Need Watch this Halloween

  1. Everything from The Conjuring series is so well-done, I feel like it’s true horror, not the cheap gory stuff directors tend to make. I haven’t watched Poltergeist, though, I’ll give it a try tonight. 😀

  2. I cannot do horrors at all! Even reading about these films made me look behind me hahaha! I think the Blair Witch Project sounds the most interesting though, and I bet the shaky camera made it feel more real? If i had to watch one i think it would be IT though, it sounds the least scary for me, I don’t mind clowns too much! Great post x

  3. This was such a fun list! I LOVE The Conjuring movies and I’m DYING to see the 3rd one, whenever it’s coming out! I loved the first two Insidious movies, but I wasn’t a fan of the other ones. And both IT movies were wonderful and so well done! Poltergeist and The Blair Witch Project aren’t my favorites, but they still did scare me a bit, lol, I have to admit. Especially when I saw Poltergeist when I was younger!

    Emily |

    1. Poltergeist scared me so much when I was a kid! I loved watching it but I remember having to have someone even walk into the kitchen with me!!

  4. I love horror movies and it’s so funny because you’ve got some of my favourites on this list! I loved the Insidious series and IT (part 1 and 2). Have you seen Oculus? that’s a pretty interesting one. Thanks for sharing some recommendations! x

  5. I’m a huge horror fan but have only actually seen three on this list. The Blair Witch Project and It part 1 & 2 – which are all very good choices. Although I usually laughed through the Blair Witch due to the shaky camera action. lol. I’m going to have to check out the others.

  6. Poltergeist used to scare the pants off of me, so did The Blair Witch 😊 I’m glad to say I love horror films now!!

  7. I actually really loved it part one and two I thought that the first part was much better! I really enjoy insidious too x

  8. The It films were so good, but the classic is still my favorite. I’d love to watch them all in one night! I’ve seen all of these except Blair Witch…I’ll have to give it a try! 😱

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