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Stephen King’s IT is one of my all time favourite stories. I saw the original adaption 10 years ago when I was 13 so Part 2 of the remake coming out now felt like I went full circle. Stephen King is one of my favourite authors, and my favourite book of his has to be IT. I’ve reread it so many times! Here’s what I thought of IT Chapter 2:

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What I Liked About It Chapter 2

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* Minor Spoiler Alert *

IT Chapter 2 is considerably better than Part One. The first movie looked great, the kids were fantastic, and I really liked the atmosphere and set, but something about it was just a little off. Part Two redeemed the whole thing, something just clicked. It’s nearly three hours long and didn’t feel like it was at all, it flew by.

The actors were perfect, young and grown up Stan literally look like the same person. Even those who didn’t look like the kids doppelganger (like Bill Hader and Finn Wolfhard don’t look that alike) they all nailed their characters personality and mannerisms, Richie was by far the star of the film in my opinion.

Stephen King’s part as the cashier in the pawn shop that Bill bought back his bike in, was priceless. I was pleasantly surprised at his acting skills too. I also liked The Shining reference too, we’re used to other movies and TV shows paying homage to his work, what we don’t see is one of his adaptions making a reference to another. Here’s some more Stephen King cameos.

Why The Opening Scene Was Necessary?

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What the movies failed the establish, which the book did, is that a violent event that occurs in Derry around the 26/27 year mark since the last time IT resurfaced, triggers the next episode. A lot of people felt the opening scene was for shock factor, and didn’t add anything to the plot. It was an upsetting extremely graphic scene.

Stephen King put it in the book to mark the resurfacing of IT but also to call out a homophobic attack in real life that happened in Maine at the time. The fact that the movie failed to mention or allude to this meant that it did actually just look like shock factor, didn’t challenge homophobia except for highlighting the fact that Derry is a small backwards town, and didn’t appear to serve the plot more than it actually did. They should have either included it with the explanation or not used it at all. Surely Mike would have figured it out, and why he didn’t mention it is beyond me. They way they handled the moment was wrong.

It’s kinda like that time the Harry Potter movies failed to mention the part in the book where Dumbledore explains Harry has to be with the Dursley’s because Petunia is Lily’s sister, which means that her protection charm still works because Harry is with them. The movies just made it seem like he knowingly dumped Harry in an abusive household for character development.

Sometimes Hollywood forgets about the vital little scenes and bits of information that alter our whole understanding of and perception of the story.

What I Didn’t Like About It Chapter 2

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There really wasn’t much that I didn’t like. They obviously changed a thing or two from the book, which is to be expected with adaptions. I would have liked some of the sub-plots to be included because in the book they gave us a better understanding of the characters lives after Derry, however, they weren’t a huge loss all the same.

The only real thing I had an issue with was the lack or warning about the abundance of flashing lights during the film. If you have epilepsy do not see this film. They also could have warned about the homophobia and suicide, of course with horror you expect gore and violence, but you don’t always expect those themes.

What was great was that scene in the book was removed.

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0 thoughts on “What I Thought Of It Chapter 2

  1. I’ve never read the books, but my partner has, but even they couldn’t answer the questions I had at the end of part 2.

    Just what were those lights about? Were they apart of IT or were they a separate entity?

    How come IT waits like 27 years to do it’s thing?

    And how can faking not being scared and calling it names kill it so easily?

    1. I think the lights were it’s “true form”, and for some reason it hibernates that long. I think in the book they explained that IT gets power from fear so acting like they’re not afraid and berating it made it weaker

  2. I haven’t seen chapter 2 yet but this is the first strong case I have seen for it (I was warned about the homophobic themes but didn’t realise the reasoning behind it!) This was very well explained, and I am also a horror fan so I think I will give it a watch as I was big on the older movies. However I’ve still not gotten around to the books. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  3. I loved the movie! I’m not a big fan of Stephen King’s style of horror (please don’t be mad at me! Just an opinion!), but I actually loved the movies even though I wasn’t sure I would. I think I liked the first movie better, but I still loved the Chapter 2. Since I didn’t know the attack at the beginning was in the book, I personally just thought it was another connection to the backwardsness of Derry, plus a foreshadowing of Ritchie’s secret. Though that was a shocking way of starting the movie, kind of like Georgie’s death in the first movie. I saw the movie with my dad (I force him to watch horror movies as a way to bond) and he said he liked Chapter 2 better, so we had a good discussion about it. But I loved your review and thought the both movies were excellent and just fit together perfectly! And the Stephen King cameo was so great! It must have meant he really liked what they were doing with the story for him to do that.

    Emily |

  4. Do you think they did a good job grounding the opening scene? I think it was supposed to be a reflection or example of the murders/murder pattern that happened 27 years ago? That detail wasn’t apparent to me. And I feel they didn’t explain Mike’s character very well. Overall, it was a good film. 3.5/5

  5. I love this movie but actually preferred the first chapter. The grown up versions of the characters were spot on and, like you, I think Richie was my favourite. I’ve read the book too and there were also things I wish they’d included, or explained more so non-book viewers could understand a bit more of the plot. Like the opening scene you mentioned! I loved seeing Stephen King’s cameo in the movie and at the screening we went too there was a thank you message for those seeing the movie before a Doctor Sleep trailer; which looks so good!

  6. I found part 1 so unintentionally funny. The looks I got for laughing at Georgie going down the drain!

    I think Bill Skarsgard is fantastic but nothing with top Tim Curry’s performance in my opinion!

  7. I haven’t had the chance to see IT Chapter Two yet, but I have really been looking forward to it. I am sad to hear that they didn’t quite include the whole explanation of that opening scene as I feel it does detract from the reason behind it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  8. My daughters would enjoy this review. They have seen it but unfortunately I have not yet. I have always loved the original adaptations and thoroughly enjoyed the remake of 1 so I know 2 won’t disappoint. I don’t think Pennywise could have gotten any creepier looking.

    I haven’t read the book but your review made me want to learn about the character developments and other details you mentioned were missing above.

  9. Great review! I re-watched the first film the other day, I forgot how much I loved it. I haven’t seen the second one yet – I’m a bit reluctant to see it in cinema because I’m not great with gore and blood (although horror is my favourite genre) so I might wait until I can get it on DVD or Sky Movies or something. But I’ve heard great things.

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