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Becoming a Cactus Mom: Cactus Puberty

In my last update I mentioned how my cactus is in some weird cactus puberty growth spurt. It’s grown considerably since then.

As it was struggling to stand up I had to give it some help, and it very quickly got taller than the coffee stirrer supporting it.

It turns out plants have growth spurts in summer, which explains the very slow growth up until May before going almost dormant in winter. I learned that from How to Raise a Plant and Have it Love You Back, which has been a great help in taking care of my indoor plants.  I’ve also realised that I think my cactus might actually be a pricky pear instead of a saguro because of how flat it’s getting.

The bottom half is still round because it started spreading out from the top and moving down, so if it doesn’t change soon it might be stuck in a weird limbo like it is now until next summer.

I didn’t expect it to get so big so fast, so I’m a bit worried it might actually outgrow the upcycled coffee cup it’s currently living in.

cactus growth prickly pear
May 2019 vs August 2019

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