What I thought of: Detective Pikachu

I was the biggest Pokemon fan as a child, so when I saw the first trailer for Detective Pikachu I knew I’d have to see it.

Detective Pikachu chronicles Tim Goodman’s adventure of finding out what really happen to his estranged father with the help his father’s partner, Pikachu. Tim’s told that his father died in a car crash while working on a case, but something doesn’t add up, and the fact that Tim’s the only one who can understand Pikachu is too much of a coincidence.

Pokemon Detective Pikachu

I was a little worried about this film coming out, as adorable as Pikachu is, I was concerned that perhaps cute Pokemon might have proven to be the only good thing about it. Thankfully, I was wrong.

The plot was really engaging, and they had some good twists – or as Pikachu would say, it was very twisty.

At first I was wondering why they decided to cast Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu, which isn’t a dig at him because I love him (and Deadpool), I just couldn’t see it. The movie actually wouldn’t have been half as good without Ryan Reynolds. Tim was definitely a likeable character, but Lucy had the worst first impression. I think they were trying to replicate the genertic pretentious things people introduce themselves with in the Pokemon games – you know, when you have to pass someone you really don’t want to because they’re gonna challenge you to a duel you can’t decline, like those people. She did grow on me as the film went on, but I cringed a lot during her first scene. I felt there were a few all too convenient saves by characters of Pokemon swooping in at the last second, which is often lazy story telling, but it wasn’t a huge issue. Overall, it still exceeded my expectations and I’d watch it again.

Snubbull from Pokemon Detective Pikachu film

As someone who grew up with Pokemon, it was great to see them come to life in new forms and reminisce over my old favourites, and point out the ones I recognised. It was refreshing that they also didn’t try load the film with nostalgia from the TV show, I had expected a reveal to be that the R-syrum stood for Rocket, but it didn’t. Although, I’d have liked to see Meowth.

I actually could not cope with how cute Bulbasaur was in the film, and I previously hadn’t even liked grass types much. I don’t think a picture even does how cute Bulbasaur was so a gif will have to do.


Bulbasaur gif from Pokemon Detetive Pikachu movie

Overall, I’d absolutely recommend Detective Pikachu.

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  1. I gotta say, I judged this movie super harshly. It just didn’t seem like it would be good? I’m actually quite surprised by your thoughts on it! After reading your review, you’ve convinced me to give it a try! The moment I see it on tv, I’m going to give it a watch. Great post xx

    Melina |

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