Eco-Friendly Living

Sustainable Fashion: One dress three looks

Earlier this week I went to what’s called the “Happy Market” in my university. It’s an annual event held by the environmental society where students can sell unwanted clothes, last time I found some gems there as seen in my sustainable fashion haul┬áso this time was no different. The impact fast fashion has on the… Continue reading Sustainable Fashion: One dress three looks

Food & Drink

My Favourite Vegan Chocolate

Easter has become synonymous with chocolate, and most people’s response to veganism is: but chocolate though? There are so many amazing vegan chocolates out there, and life’s too short not to eat it! At this point, there’s very little that doesn’t have a vegan alternative, especially chocolate – whether you like white, dark, or milk!… Continue reading My Favourite Vegan Chocolate


What I Learned in my Final Year of College

Yesterday was my last day in university, and I’m so happy to be free. It’s no secret that I did not have the time if my life in third level, or any part of the education system for that matter. It’s been an annual tradition since first year to look back at the academic year… Continue reading What I Learned in my Final Year of College