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Book Review: From Stressed To Blessed

[GIFTED] I was delighted to have been gifted a copy of From Stressed to Blessed: Overcoming Anxiety and Low Mood with Minor Lifestyle Changes by Anne Cross. The concept of the book is about how making small changes to our diet can help lift low, mood, anxiety, depression, and other struggles.

Book Cover From Stressed to Blessed overcoming anxiety and low mood with minor lifestyle changes by Anne Cross

This book was made for me because in my own life, I found when I adapted a healthier lifestyle by eating better and getting active, my mental health had an astonishing improvement. A healthier lifestyle didn’t completely eradicate my depression and anxiety, but it was on par with therapy when it came making it liveable. I don’t relapse or experience symptoms anywhere near as often as I used to, and when I do it’s nowhere near as severe.

What I liked about this book was that it was in simple, easy to understand terms. Not everyone has knowledge on nutrition, and I like how Cross understood that.  It was also so brave and inspiring for her to share her own mental health journey – the more we talk the more we reduce the stigma. I’ve always found other people’s stories the biggest source of hope and strength.

From a nutritional standpoint, I appreciated the inclusion of foods suitable for vegans, vegetarians, and people with food intolerance’s. The recipes and suggestions are very much attainable for most people – there’s no strange difficult to find foods suggested or obscure complicated recipes no one can make or has time for. This is a book for everyone.

a woman holding healthy blue berries

Not only did she give nutritional tips, but life advice in general such and other ways to care for ourselves, and our well being. Which I thought was great, because so many factors contribute to our mental health, and it’s important to recognise that and suggest a multi-factor approach, as opposed to just saying “go for a walk”.

Overall, I would recommend this book, whether you just want to eat healthier so you feel better, or for hope.

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