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Halloween Bucket List: Pumpkin Patch

I mentioned on my Halloween bucket list that I’ve always wanted to go to a pumpkin patch, and this Halloween got to do yet another bucket list item of things to do before I die.

Where I live only has one pumpkin patch and I only found out about it last year when I making an event guide while on work experience in a local magazine. Otherwise I never would have found out about it! I vowed I’d go the year after and low and behold, I did.

Sign that reads "Curraghchase Garden Centre" pumpkins in staw

The History Of Carving Jack O’Lanterns

To readers on the other side of the Atlantic, you’re probably wondering why this is such a big deal for me, but it’s my 22nd Halloween and first time at a pumpkin patch.

Even though the tradition of carving Jack O’Lanterns is an Irish one, pumpkin patches are more of a thing in America. We tend to just pick them up while grocery shopping; pumpkin patches are few and far between here.

Centuries ago, the Irish would carve turnips on All Hallows Eve onto a scary face and put a candle inside to ward off evil spirits. When people emigrated to America they took the practice with us but ended up using pumpkins instead. Turnips actually look way creepier!

Jack O’Lantern himself, or Stingy Jack as he was also known, was quite a trickster thought he out-smarted the devil but when he died found he wasn’t welcome in hell or heaven. Jack could only remain in between these realms and was given a hell flame to light his way, which he put in a hollowed out turnip.

pumpkin patch with halloween decoration ghost on fence

Pumpkin Patch Experience

We went on the 30th and I was worried there would be very little pumpkins left. Surprisingly there was a lot, and they were all different shapes and colours. I picked out a little white one I’m gonna carve into Jack Skellington. They also had photo boards, face painting and story telling. I got myself a little vial of fairy dust too as a souvenir. There was a little coffee shop too, but the fact that they didn’t sell pumpkin spice lattes was missed opportunity!

Overall, I had a wonderful time at the pumpkin patch and I’d love for it to become an annual tradition.

flower pot display with pumpkin halloween decoarions

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