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Book Review: Hocus Pocus And The All-New Sequel

Hocus Pocus and the All-New Sequel is exactly what you think it is; a Hocus Pocus sequel. I ordered this book the second I found out about it, which was in July, as it was released for its 25th anniversary. It took a lot of restraint, but I decided to wait until October to read it.

What Hocus Pocus And The All-New Sequel Is About

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The story takes place on the 25th anniversary of Max and Alison’s encounter with the Sanderson sisters – which is this Halloween. As it’s a blood moon they decide to throw a Halloween party to keep the teenagers of Salem away from the Sanderson house. Poppy’s parents who now safeguard the Sanderson house try to keep the kids away every Halloween, which has only drawn them more and more to it.

Poppy, not believing her families story, and being a true Dennison, sneaks out with her friends to the house, and ends up bringing the witches back. We also get to see familiar characters such as Binx and Emily who I didn’t think would make an appearance.

Can Poppy save Salem from the resurrected witches?

What I Thought

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Surprisingly I didn’t have the highest expectations for this book. I wanted to commemorate the anniversary but also feel that Hocus Pocus doesn’t need a sequel. A book sequel was more appealing to me, because it means it won’t necessarily be considered canon and doesn’t run as much of a risk as tainting the original. (For example because Cursed Child is a play the Harry Potter fans who don’t like it get to pretend it didn’t happen.)

Hocus Pocus and the All New Sequel, not only is a terrible name, but is about Max and Alison’s kid meeting the witches. I didn’t even think Max and Alison would stay together forever after the movie.

However, their daughter, Poppy, turned out to be a likeable character.

Final Thoughts On The Hocus Pocus Book

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Overall, it’s a good engaging story, and they pulled off bringing Hocus Pocus into the modern age well. Furthermore it did a great job with representation – it’s refreshing to see LGBTQ+ and POC characters who’s story arc isn’t about them being a minority but rather that despite the plot they just so happen to be who they are. You might also like these LGBTQ+ YA books.

However some moments were too cheesy and cringy but I guess that’s what happens when Disney releases books.

I’m not even 100% sure if Hocus Pocus and the All-New Sequel is canon with all the rumours about a film sequel. I’m doubtful it will be if they make a new movie, and I really hope they pick a better name for a new movie.

It wasn’t bad. It didn’t taint the original but I wouldn’t consider it canon.

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Have you read Hocus Pocus and the All-New Sequel? If not, have you any intentions of reading it or would you give this book a pass and stick to the original film?

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