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Reviewing Childhood: Rugrats In Paris

The Rugrats was my favourite show when I was really young and I remember loving this movie when it came out. If you’re new here, Reviewing Childhood is a series where I revisit old favourites from when I was a kid, and see if they still hold up now. So far I’ve revisited old Cartoon Network shows and the Simpsons Hit & Run.

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A few days before going to Paris we were looking at what to watch on Netflix, thinking we were gonna end up watching a Disney movie to get outselves excited for Disneyland, this came up and I knew it was what I wanted to watch.

I was pretty anxious about the trip as my anxiety goes through the roof when travelling – especially when flying – so I knew watching something from my childhood would calm me down.

I was surprised at just how much and how clearly I remembered from this movie as I haven’t seen it since 2000! I also had the Playstation 1 game at the time!

Rugrats In Paris

The story follows the Rugrats as they have go to Paris when Tommy’s dad, Stu, is called to fix his reptar robot in EuroReptarland *cough* rebranded Disneyland *cough*. Before the trip Chuckie asks Angelica, playing the Godfather, for a new mom. Paris places the child-hating Coco LaBouche as a candidate, as she plans to use Chuckie’s dad for a promotion.

I was worried we’d end up not being able to finish it if it ended up being unwatchable now. I caught a glimpse of the show a year or two ago when flicking through channels and was bored by it. Thankfully it’s actually still pretty enjoyable 18 years later (I feel old).

It still has funny moments, and the scenes where Chuckie misses his mother still hurt after all this time. I guess they wanted this to be something parents could tolerate sitting through with their kids.

Obviously it’s not the same watching it as a 22 year old but I’m happy it aged well.

8 thoughts on “Reviewing Childhood: Rugrats In Paris

  1. This was a great movie! Looking back, I like the Rugrats movies (the 1998 one, Rugrats in Paris, and the 10 year anniversary All Growed Up special) a lot better than the series. I think the series went downhill after this movie though. The early episodes had witty writing and it was enjoyable for all ages. The later episodes seemed more geared towards children. Still, I have a lot of fond memories of watching Rugrats when I was a kid. That and SpongeBob were my favourites.

    1. It’s really cool when kids shows are still entertaining for everyone – so the parents don’t lose their mind. Early Spongebob and even the first movie was really good, I might do a post on it

  2. I used to love the rugrats show like it was my go to in the morning before school!! Reading this has made me miss my childhood shows all over again. Was feeling that nostalgic last night that I sat watching mr bean on iplayer haha 😂

  3. I love revisiting childhood favourites! I do it a lot with books. I wasn’t a massive fan of the rugrats (I also don’t think we had the right channels a lot of the time), but it definitely sounds like an easy to watch movie even now.

    Cordelia ||

  4. Rugrats was one of my favorite cartoons too. I actually still have this movie in my house it is on tape. Just admitting that I have the VCR tape makes me feel old. Now that you mentioned it I want to watch old movies.

  5. This was a great movie. My sister and I loved the Rugrats when we were younger and proudly owned this movie on VHS(!), to be honest it’s probably knocking around my parent’s loft somewhere. 😅

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