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Spreading the love at the Love Bridge in Paris

The word love wrote on the glass of the Love Bridge in Paris

I’ve wanted to go to the Love Bridge for awhile and as our first holiday as a couple it was even more special. After all, Paris is the city of love. Here’s my experience visiting the Love Bridge in the most romantic city in the world:

The Locks

The Pont des Arts or Passerelle des Arts, more commonly known as the Love Bridge or the Love Lock Bridge, is where people – usually couples – go to leave locks to symbolise their love. The bridge used to be much fuller. However but due to health and safety risks, they’ve taken the locks off. There’s also railings to prevent to bridge getting as full as it once was. Once a week, the locks are taken off the bridge to prevent build up.

People still put the locks on regardless.

locks on wall by the Love Bridge in Paris

On the walk to the bridge, there was locks left on literally anything they could be put on. At the bridge itself people wrapped bike locks around the lamp poles and put locks on that. Some even put locks on the lamps themselves.

There was a lot of heart locks, and others that said Paris, which were adorable. They put our little silver lock to shame. Most people throw the key into the river but I kept ours.

The Love Bridge was also only a short walk away from Shakespeare & Co so if you’re in Paris I’d recommend going to both.

Even if you’re not there to put a lock on, the architecture in Paris is gorgeous. There’s stunning views of boats on the River Seine, you can also just about see the Eiffel Tower from there too.

Paris is a must for everyone’s bucket list. I’m so happy I got to get this ticked off my bucket list.

Here’s some more love bridges from around the world.

Have you ever been to a Love Bridge? What would you do in Paris?

Locks the love bridge while a boat passes on the river seine

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  1. I remember visiting Paris about 4 or 5 years ago when this bridge was covered in locks. I didn’t leave one as my partner at the time thought it was silly! There’s also a similar lock bridge in Cologne – Germany. I think it’s cute you kept your key. 😊

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