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Becoming A Cactus Mom: Baby Cactus

My cactus is doing pretty well, in my last update it had grown two little leaves. Since then the leaves haven’t gotten bigger, and it started growing spikes out from the middle. It’s been slowly getting bigger and starting to resemble a little mini cactus.

a baby cactus sprouts

I still can’t tell what type of cactus it’s going to be, the kit came with seeds from hedgehogs, organ popes, golden barrel, saguro, and ferocactus. It’s looking like a mini barrel at the moment but it’s too soon to guess what it could be. It was cool that what you grow is a surprise.

I’m happy my cactus seems to be healthy because trying to grow a bonsai tree did not go well.

On the 19th of August I saw a green stick like thing in the soil and thought it had sprouted, but also thought it looked funny and was suspicions due to a bit of white mould on the top. I moved to soil to see pink mould everywhere underneath. I changed the pot and saw that the seed was completely covered in mould, when I tried to scrap it off the skin came off the seed.

I put the seed into the big plastic pot that came with it and used the soil we keep in the shed, then I noticed flies on the soil so it put it outside for them to go away. The next morning there was more flies in the pot, so I did the same again thinking I must have missed a few.

As I was going to Paris for a few days, I hoped within that time they would leave but a pink flowered bonsai treecame back to dead flies on the soil and was relieved until I moved it to see larvae so they definitely laid eggs.

I’m going to start the wisteria all over again with a new seed, clean soil, and hope I have better luck this time. The soil in the shed is probably completely contaminated so that’s going to have to be thrown out.

Thankfully the flies left my cactus alone, but gardening it actually not as easy as it looks. The dill plant  got mould from watering it from the bottom, yet the wisteria got some from watering from the top. I think I need to drain the soil better and make sure not to over water it.

Thankfully the flies left my cactus alone and it hasn’t grown anything it shouldn’t.

cactai against a white wall

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  1. This is a nice post! Cheers to having patience with your cactus after all the other experiences you have had! Lol I thought of doing gardening but I need to mentally prepare for the many things that may come along with maintaining especially trying not to overwater! This post is really interesting… growing a cactus was last on my mind that anyone would do! Thank you for the insight! 💚💚

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