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Simple Homemade Vegan Iced Coffee

With the sun out in full force this summer, I need a cold drink to cool down, and sometimes it’s nice to have something that’s not water. This is why iced coffee is the best. Here are my favourite homemade vegan iced coffee that are so quick and easy to make:

Cafes make a lot of money from ice-coffees, and frappes, and other cold beverages all summer. However, they can be very pricey or not to your liking. Sometimes they don’t have a vegan option, or you just want to avoid all the additives and have a healthier iced coffee. Plus, the plastic pollution that comes with the cups can be avoided. Iced coffee is bad for the environment, but these options are eco-friendly, healthier, and yummy.

The latte:

Two cups of ice coffee with cream and heart shaped waffles

I don’t have an espresso machine so I either grind the amount of coffee I’d use for one cup and put a shot worth of water in in the french press. Alternatively, if I make coffee for a few people at once, I take the concentrated bit at the end, and mix it with soya milk (or whatever milk/alternative you like) and ice. Add (or don’t add) sugar to your own taste.

You can serve as it is, or if you want a healthier version of a frappe you can blend it.

The Cold Brew:

a iced americano cold brew - simple homemade vegan iced coffee

Sometimes you want black coffee but it’s too warm, and that’s when the cold brew comes in handy. Make a regular cup of coffee as your normally would, leave in the fridge for a few hours and serve with ice. Unlike the others this isn’t an almost instant drink so I’d advise making a big jug of it before going to bed to enjoy it the next day.

The frappe

a frappe with coffee beans

Follow the steps from the latte except use half as much milk and add ice-cream or frozen yogurt to make up the other half. Put in the blender and enjoy.

This one can be fun to play with, whether you want to use chocolate ice-cream to make it a mocha, or keep it simple with vanilla. I’d recommend Alpro’s coconut milk ice-cream. I had a coconut latte phase for awhile and I intend to enjoy it right through the heatwave.

starbucks iced coffee

Making coffee at home for on-the-go is also a great way to encourage getting a reusable coffee cup. Getting a cup specifically for iced coffee and other cold beverages was a great investment and I’d suggest everyone to do it. I’d also suggest getting reusable straws if you’re just going to drink these at home.

These ideas are so simple there’s no reason not to make some homemade vegan iced coffee!

What’s your favourite kind of iced coffee? Do you ever make it at home?

black iced coffee on a table in a jug homemade vegan iced coffee

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