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Eating Disorder Attacks

I don’t know if anyone has ever described something like this before, a lot of people with eating disorders talk about their “eating disorder voice” telling them what they can/can’t eat. I experience that too, but I would describe this as an eating disorder attack.

Warning: Eating Disorders will be discussed in this post, if this content is triggering for you, click away now.

What is an “eating disorder” attack:

An eating disorder attack is not quite a panic attack. Instead of having an unknown impending sense of doom of a panic attack, there’s a periods of intense fear of weight gain.

They only come after eating or if I haven’t exercised. My mind starts racing, I feel fat bubbling under my skin, and also feel any muscle or toned areas of my body are disintegrating. Logically, I know that’s not possible to happen on the spot but I still frantically feel my jawline or rib cage to check it’s still there. Sometimes I cave and frantically exercise, sometimes I fight through and eat even though I don’t want to. I’m eating right now because I’m hungry, but it’s a struggle.

A woman screaming trapped under a sheet, representation of mental illness

Eating Disorder Voice

I know how awful it feels to deprive myself, I lost my period for awhile, had constant headaches, always felt faint, but the thoughts are still there, even though I know that behaviour is nothing but destructive.

Just because you are weight restored doesn’t mean the eating disorder is gone. I’ve been battling this for years and while my weight has fluctuated, I’ve never been severely underweight. I came close to my smallest size again a few months ago but I’m not at the moment. The relapse doesn’t mean I’m not trying to recover, it shows that it’s not an upwards journey like we wish it was.

I have days where I barely notice my eating disorder, and days where it consumes my every thought. Those are the days where my anxiety is through the roof and the even healthiest of foods are full of guilt and no amount of exercise is enough.

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One day I hope to be mentally free of my eating disorder. People would tell me at my smallest that they want my figure, but no one wants to endure the misery an eating disorder brings.

A few hours after these “attacks” I actually feel fine. However the time I spend in one is something I would never wish on anyone. In bad patches they can happen with every single meal and missed workout.

I don’t want this to be a self-pity blog. I’m strong, I fight things, but I want the cold hard truth of eating disorders out there so people understand.
Maybe I’ll never be 100% free, but I want to work towards being as free as possible.

Here’s how I Mind My Mental Health.

If you’re struggling with an eating disorder, please reach out to Beat or Bodywhys.

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  1. Thank you so much for writing this. I appreciate that you commented on the difference between a weight restored body and a healthy mind. I’ve been hospitalized three times for an ED and was almost put into hospice because of my ED. Please don’t let it get to that point because it’s made me so much worse. Hang in there xx

  2. I can relate to this post a lot. Whenever I consume more food than I should, or I don’t get to purge (people are always around and asking) I can feel my love handles/ hips growing. I can feel them giggling (or I think I can) every bump I hit in the car while driving. I’m always trying to fight those thoughts. You see it with even the “most fit” girls, when they sit they still have giggle or rolls, not many but you know what I mean.

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