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Summer Bucket List: Final Update

I’m back to college Monday, so it’s time to look back at the summer and see if I did the things I said I would. Before reading this, make sure to look at the original post.

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  1. I did visit/see friends from college. I spent a lot of time in Cork, but one of the best memories this summer is going camping after a house party in Kerry to say farewell to a friend going on Erasmus.
  2. I did a little bit of Spanish over the summer, maybe not a lot, but I still did something.
  3. I ordered stuff for my Halloween costume (Black Widow), and the belt and guns arrived, so I need the wig. 
  4. I got an article published in my local paper, wrote a few poems and stories, and articles for some websites. I also made sure to update this now and then. Seeing as I study journalism, I’ll keep on writing.
  5. I did dedicate some time to educating myself this summer (a little on politics), so at least my brain hasn’t melted!
  6. The Irish Writers Trip didn’t happen this summer. However, I’ve been saying I’ll do this for about two years now, so putting it off for another few months or years won’t hurt. One day…
  7. I got a beautiful new tattoo on my left wrist. What’s cute is I found a picture of the same thing drawn onto my wrist from back in 2014, so I think that’s a good indicator that I won’t regret it.
  8. I already blogged about spreading kindness, but if anyone reading this hasn’t read the earlier post, a friend and I dedicated a day to leaving nice sticky notes for people around town. 

I’m pretty happy with how the summer went. Even though I have horrible timetables this semester (all early starts, so I’ll be injecting myself with espresso shots to keep me alive), I miss having a routine.

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