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The essential bucket list for alternative, rock, and emo music fans

There are a lot of bands I want to see live, but there are also a few musical places I want to see too, as well as special events. From fesitvals to a rock n’ roll cruise ship, this is the essential bucket list for rock, emo, and alternative music fans.

These are musical things I want to do before I die:

See the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, Ohio:

rock and roll hall of fame, cleaveland ohio, music bucket list

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame pays tribute to all the legends. Events, artists, and those who influenced the genre are paid tribute here. Ohio may seem like a random choice for a location you might expect to find in New York or LA. However, Ohio bidded for the museum like other states did and won out due to huge public support (and big bucks from the city of Cleveland).

I’d be on the look out for the Beatles, Bowie, Queen, ACDC, Nirvana, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, Green Day exhibits. I would be annoying to go with, be it fangirling over clothes Joan Jett actually wore or the excessive Tenacious D references I’d make. Even though in the movie they went to the Rock and Roll History Museum in Hollywood, which doesn’t exist in real life. I think the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a decent subsitute. 

I happened to be in Dublin during “Beatles Weekend” in 2013 to commemoriate the 50th anniversary of their Irish show in 1963. Authentic suits worn by the band  were on display in Arnotts. I’ve never been so close to greatness in my life. Except for that time I got to hang out with The Edge, he was cool. 

Go on the rock n’ roll cruise ship – Shiprocked:

shiprocked festival on a cruise rock music bucket list

I only heard of Shiprocked recently and immediately added it to the Bucket List! It’s a rock cruise from which this year went from Miami to Mexico. Shiprocked has been running for 6 years. It sounds like heaven on earth; concerts day and night, drinking rum while staring out at the horizon, and playing on the beach in Mexico.

This is ideal if you don’t like festivals. This is all the fun parts about a festival without sleeping in a tank and eating hotdogs on sticks for a weekend. 

When I die this will be my heaven, with Captain Jack Sparrow on the helm.

This is quite similar to Paramore’s own cruse – Parahoy! It really depends on if you’d like four days or Paramore, or if you like the Shiprocked line-up more and want some variety. Either way, good bands on a ship sounds like heaven! 

Warped Tour:

Vans Warped Tour
the Warped Tour at Darien Lake on on Wednesday, July 15, 2015. (Harry Scull Jr / Buffalo News)

Okay, maybe it’s emo paradise but like I’ve said before, I still want to go. There are lesson lab tents where you get lessons, battle of the bands between locals, shows (obviously), meet & greets, hot-dogs. I’ve always said that if journalism fails me, I’ll go be a Warped Tour roadie.

Warped Tour was basically a roaming festival where you see a bunch of bands in one day, and then they move onto the next city and do it all over again. 

Edit: Since this post has been published, Warped Tour has sadly come to an end. Unless there’s a reunion down the line, this will remain unfulfilled leaving a big gap in this bucket list for rock, alternative, and emo fans, so it looks like I actually have to use my degree and not fall back on music. 

Reading Festival, Reading, UK:

reading festival

Reading & Leeds is one of the UK’s most legendary festivals, largely due to the fact that huge bands have had their most memorable sets there. Take Nirvana‘s Headling slot in 1992 for example. It used to be a straight up rock festival but over the past few years, they’ve been putting on more and more “mainstream acts”. Personally, I haven’t loved the whole weekends line up in a long time, so I’d be more likely to get a day ticket for a band I like. 

I wouldn’t mind going to Download, but my heart belongs to Reading & Leeds. 

This festival was my first love and I religiously watch it every year on BBC. In 2011 I fell in love with Reading & Leeds when watching My Chemical Romance headlining with Brian May was my Live Aid or Nirvana Unplugged moment. A lot of people judge me when I say that (because they watched Nirvana and Live Aid live) but MCR are the big rock band of my generation. 

What do you think of this bucket list for alternative, rock, and emo fans? Do you have your own musical bucket list? 

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