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7 Beautiful Things To Add To Your Hawaii Bucket List

I would love to go to Hawaii in my lifetime. Here are seven things on my Hawaii bucket list:

IMPORTANT NOTE: I wrote this post when I was 19 in 2016. I’m now aware that many natives are asking that tourists do not visit Hawaii. This is something I – and I hope others – respect. If you genuinely appreciate Hawaii, you’ll respect what Hawaiians ask. This post is for entertainment purposes only. 

My Hawaii Bucket List

Relax On The Beach

Beaches in Ireland are not the most pleasant in the world; more often than not, they’re freezing and windy, and even in July, you’re dressed like it’s the middle of winter. Hawaiian beaches are stunning, and it has a warm tropical climate to match. Imagine it, lying on the beach, getting a tan, drinking from a coconut? Sheer bliss.

Go to the Merrie Monarch Festival

This year’s Merrie Monarch Festival is underway, and I’m sitting on my couch at home. You can practically feel my envy.

The week-long festival was the legacy of King David Kalākaua, who is acclaimed for his efforts to preserve and promote the Polynesian traditions, language, and culture. It’s not just a big hula competition as there are also art fairs, hula shows, and a parade. 

You can read about the history of the Merrie Monarch festival here.

Go To A Lua

Of course, anyone who visits Hawaii has dreams of attending a Luao. The traditional Laou was a feast followed by entertainment (dancing, music, etc.). Hopefully, I will end up at a more authentic one.

Climb The Stairway To Heaven

Also known as the Haiku stairway, this has almost 4,000 steps in Oahu. 

The stairway was built during World War II but was in danger of closing due to storm damage. The locals wanted to charge $100 to tourists to climb it to afford to preserve it; others suggested more modest prices. I don’t know where the situation stands now.

Go Hiking

I love hiking and going for walks; the Hawaiian landscape is so beautiful that it would be a shame not to! I got to fulfill my dreams of seeing a volcano in Lanzarote a few years ago, but I want to see Hawaii and everything else the islands offer.

As the chances of hiking the Stairway to Heaven are slim, I think it’s worth hiking in other areas, too; plus, they offer a different experience as you’re more in nature than on a stairway. 

Experience The Culture

It’s always important to learn about and respect culture when you visit. I want to go to the farmer’s markets and try the traditional foods.

Be sure to brief yourself on the cultural norms before you go here or anywhere else; you don’t want to disrespect the locals. 

Kona Coffee

lattes and palm trees, representation of kona coffee

Kona coffee is one of the most expensive coffees in the world. Only coffee from the Kona districts can be called Kona coffee, and the unique climate and rich soils from the volcanic landscape make the region perfect for the cultivation of coffee.

Pure Kona coffee is quite pricy, so many places sell “Kona blends,” usually at least 10% Kona coffee blended with coffee from somewhere else, which are cheaper. I want to try both. Even if a real cup is expensive, I think a once-in-a-lifetime experience is worth splashing out on. The Kona region is tiny, so this is one of the world’s rarest kinds of coffee. 

Edit: I caved and tried a variation of Kona coffee I ordered online, read all about it here.

Stay in Aulani – Disney Spa and Resort

Did you know Disney has a spa resort in Hawaii!? Aulani opened in 2011 Ko Olina. You can meet your favourite characters and get a massage on the same trip! If you’re fortunate enough, and rich enough, you can have a dream trip and fly out from LA after going to Disneyland there! This one isn’t just on my Hawaii Bucket List, but my Disney bucket list too!

Aulani isn’t the same as the other hotels and resorts as it doesn’t have a theme park, but if you’re a Disney fan you’ll probably enjoy it nonetheless. It’s an ideal honeymoon destination, but if you have kids, they’ll have the time of their lives too in the kids club.


All of these would require a little bit of hopping between the islands but I’m happy about that, I want to see it all, even f it takes a few trips!

Have you ever been to Hawaii? Tell me about what’s on your Hawaii bucket list!

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