Music legends I wish I could time travel to see

When asked what I would do with the ability to time travel my mind automatically goes to music and all the artists I would see. Not to be all “I was born in the wrong generation”, but literally almost everyone I listen to is dead or broke up! From seeing the Beatles to Live Aid 1985, here are the music legends I would time travel to see:

Nirvana: Reading, 1992

Nirvana playing Reading Festival
Reading Festival 1992 is one of Nirvana’s best well knows shows. It’s even one of the most memorable nights in all of Reading & Leeds history. Kurt being rolled out in a wheel chair with Krist telling him he’s gonna make it, is iconic.

Nirvana: MTV Unplugged

kurt cobain playing nirvana mtv unplugged

Back when MTV played music, Nirvana stole the show with their unplugged set. It’s still one of their most memorable moments.

Anyone whose seen a live Nirvana video (or was lucky enough to see them ) knows that the shows were insane. Seeing them sitting down and play without the shouting and jumping was an experience.

Hole: Reading 1995

reading festival 1995 line up; hole, green day, foo fighters

You might have guessed by now that I’m pretty fond of Reading festival. I’d love to have seen Hole at any point in the 90’s but there’s just something about Reading festival I love. Green Day played that year too so it would have been a fantastic weekend.

Courntey Love is still going strong so I might end up seeing her live one day, but she still deserves a mention on this list of music legends I would time travel to see.

Hole: Unplugged    

Hole on MTV Unplugged - music legends I would time travel to seeMany argue that Courtney‘s voice just isn’t that great, what I love about it is that it’s gravely and raw. I’m not saying she’s the greatest singer in the world, but I love it. A lot of Hole’s music is quite mellow so they’re perfectly suite to an acoustic set. They also covered You Know You’re Right which is my favourite Nirvana song. Say what you will about Courtney Love but I’m quite fond of their version.

Warped Tour 2004:

warped tour logo

I would still go to Warped Tour. I’ve grown out of a lot of the bands, and it isn’t often that I like the line up, but I’d still go. Warped Tour is like a one day travelling festival with bands and stalls so sounds like the best day ever! 2004 had My Chemical Romance and Taking Back Sunday so naturally that would be the year to go for me.

[Since first publishing this, the Vans Warped Tour has come to an end, thus shattering my dreams]

Taste of Chaos 2005:

taste of chaos my chemical romance the used 2005

Back in the panda eyeliner and red skinny jeans days, My Chemical Romance and The Used were my two favourite bands in the world (Taking Back Sunday being the third). There’s a video of Gerard and Bert answering fan questions for Fuse on one of the tour buses I used to watch religiously. Sure I can still see The Used but I want to see them on this particular tour.

The Runaways:
The Runaways performing - music legends I would time travel to see

If I was a teenager in the ’70s I would have idolised and worshipped The Runaways. Teenage me did, but having been there in the day would have been completely different. I spent all day on Ultimate Guitar trying to learn their songs and wishing I was half as bad-ass as Joan Jett was when she was my age. I’ve seen a lot of live videos and can’t pick a favourite, as long as it would have been a show from before Cherie left the band I’d be good.

The Beatles:

the beatles live poster

I had a huge Beatles phase when I was 16.  I will always love them band and have huge respect for them. Their fans were pretty intense at the shows so even being in that audience would be an experience in itself! There isn’t a particular show or period I’m set on. The infamous roof-top set would be cool.

The Beatles are argueably the most popular choice of music legends I would time travel to see.

My Chemical Romance: Reading 2011
My Chemical Romance Reading 2011 with Brain May  music legends i would time travel to see

A lot of people have told me they remember watching Live Aid, Nirvana Unplugged or Reading ’92 live on TV and being mind blown. For me this was that show. 15 year old me plonked herself down on the couch in her MCR t-shirt and could not contain herself. Some say it wasn’t the best show of their career but it was the most memorable for me.

Playing We Will Rock You and Welcome to the Black Parade with none other than Brian May were high lights of MCR’s career, even if the whole show wasn’t. I may have been able to watch it on TV, but I would have killed to have been there in person. Muse closed that year so I would have gladly stuck around for the whole weekend.

My Chemical Romance: The Black Parade Tour

my chemical romance on the black parade tour
My Chemical Romance (Photo by Theo Wargo/WireImage)

The Black Parade is my favourite album in the world. You’ve probably gathered by now that My Chemical Romance are my favourite band. I remember when this album came out and actually recall finding something strangely compelling about Teenagers and Welcome to the Black Parade when I first heard them, except 11 year old me wasn’t actually a fan and even if I was that cool when I was that age it’s doubtful I would have been able to go anyway.

Live Aid 1985:
Queen at Live Aid 1985 - music legends I would time travel to see

Live Aid was probably one of the greatest events in music history. For me it was all about Bowie and Queen. It’s almost universally agreed that Queen stole the show but I do lean a little bit towards Bowie. No band on earth compares to Queen, and no one comes close to Freddie Mercury when it comes to stage presence. To then see David Bowie immediately after would have been too much for me to handle. I loved Bowie’s set, I loved his charisma, his voice, his snazzy blue suit. I find myself listening to this shows rendition Heroes more than any other and even the studio version. He was so into it and the only word I can think of is magical.

Having said that I’d do absolutely do anything to have seen David Bowie live at any point of his career.

Here’s some more tours and shows I was too young to go to!

Do you have any music legends you wish you could time travel to see?

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